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What is CODE

CODE represents a movement of business leaders, diversity and inclusion practitioners, community advocates and those with lived experience, coming together to achieve three critical goals:

  1. Expand awareness of the opportunities for and benefits of greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  2. Increase the number of organizations in Winnipeg making a commitment to enhance inclusion and equity in their workplace
  3. Increase the implementation of measurable actions in the workplace that further these goals

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As a community, we can be the change.

While there has been a significant push toward equity, systemic barriers exist that limit full economic, social and political participation for women, Black people, Indigenous persons, people of colour, the 2SLGBTQ+ community, and persons living with disabilities. There is a moral imperative to remove these systemic barriers and a robust economic case.

While the moral imperative to do this work is tremendous, we lead with the business case as a business association. The business case for diversity, equity and inclusion are well-researched.
Organizations that embed DEI into workplace policies, practices, and procedures perform much better than their peers who uphold the status quo.

To help you achieve this level of success and growth, CODE is here to help.


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What is CODE?

CODE stands for Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity and Equity.

Initiated and run by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, CODE is a new community movement dedicated to creating inclusive and welcoming workplaces.

CODE supports you and your team’s DEI journey (wherever you are!) through peer-learning groups, workshops and conferences, human resource support, and quality curated DEI tools and templates.

Why is CODE important?

Based on many credible stats and reports, equity, inclusion and diversity is a key solution to economic recovery because it promotes talent recruitment and innovation.

These reports also show that 3 out of 4 of job seekers and employees (76%) view diverse, equitable and inclusive workforces as an important factor when evaluating companies and considering job offers. This underscores why we believe it is key to stay competitive in your sector.

In fact, in a recent fall 2021 membership survey conducted by Probe Research, 7 out of 10 of our members surveyed stated diversity and inclusion is a priority for their organization.
Source: Glassdoor.com

How do I know where we should start?

Other than downloading our CODE Kickstart Guide, a good first step is to attend our monthly CODE 101 sessions hosted by Sanjana Vijayann, our Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

Sanjana can help answer any of your questions and help navigate you through the many resources and events. If you need to reach out to Sanjana one-on-one you can do so too!

Benefits of CODE

The research is clear – diversity, equity and inclusion is a key solution to economic recovery because it promotes talent recruitment and innovation.

As Winnipeg’s biggest business association we are here to lead and guide our members with impactuful resources and events – and we believe all businesses would benefit by building a more inclusive workplace.

Benefits for more inclusive workplaces:

  • Are more likely to outperform their peers
  • Are twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets
  • Are eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes
  • Generate and foster fresh insights, new ideas and creative solutions
  • Draw on the full talents of their peopleSource: canada.ca

Why should my company or myself get involved?

CODE offers Winnipeg Chamber members access to credible resources and custom educational workshops that will help your organization implement impactful diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. We know this journey is difficult and new to many, and we are here to help you navigate through it. CODE will also provide a number of opportunities for peer learning where organizations can connect and learn through an exchange of ideas.

How would CODE help me as a leader?

CODE will support organizational leaders by:

  • Keeping your team more happy, engaged, and productive at your workplace
  • Increasing the sense of belonging your own team feels at your workplace
  • Providing educational tools and resources to address their own biases when managing teams and recruiting teams
  • Providing educational tools and resources to build a more inclusive workplace
  • Providing educational tools and resources to create more inclusive policies and work structures.

Hire Talent

Time and time again, our members tell us their biggest challenge is talent recruitment and retention – which is why in 2022, we created The Newcomer Employment Hub (the Hub).

Initiated by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and Immigration Partnership the Hub brings together the business community and Manitoba newcomer community.

The Hub is an innovative online job tool that creates quality job matches between newcomer job seekers and Manitoba employers.

The Hub’s smart AI technology provides employers with top newcomer candidates that best match their job description and needs.

Through the Newcomer Employment Hub, newcomer jobseekers are matched and invited to apply to work with employers committed to inclusive workplace practices.

How does it work for Employers?

Hosted on Magnet’s social innovation platform, the Newcomer Employment Hub invites employers and newcomer job seekers to connect on an online community. Businesses can access The Hub through their membership at The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

Step 1 – Create a profile and post your job on The Hub
Step 2 – Select the skills you are looking for in your ideal candidate.
Step 3 – Qualified newcomer job candidates get notification about your job posting and are encouraged to apply.
Step 4 – You receive applications from your top candidates who you can trust to meet your requirements.
Step 5 – Quality match is made

Read the Impact

Get Involved

When it comes to diversity, inclusion and equity work, every business and individual is on their own DEI journey. CODE promotes continual learning and supports organizations and individuals wherever they are.

CODE programming is built by our members who have different levels of DEI expertise and experiences.

As an organization, you can get involved with CODE by:

  • Learning more about the program at our CODE 101 session
  • Expanding your knowledge through workshops, conference and other events
  • Investing the CODE movement and events as a CODE sponsor
  • Reading through our curated CODE articles and resource library
  • Sharing CODE resources or social posts with your network, and use #CODE
  • Sharing your companies DEI journey and lessons to educate other Chamber
    members as testimonial or CODE speaker

Is there a cost to get involved with CODE?

As a member, there is no cost to get involved with CODE; however, there may be a ticket cost for some CODE events.

Free resources and events include:

  • Accessing our curated templates and articles
  • Accessing our online CODE resource library
  • Attending our CODE 101s
  • Attending CODE workshops
  • Speaking to our CODE team about your specific needs

Paid resources:

  • Attending keynote luncheons
  • Attending the annual CODE conference
  • Sponsoring a CODE movement or program

Who from my company should be involved with CODE?

CODE is for everyone wanting to learn about inclusive workplaces; however, to create the biggest impact at your organization, we would encourage senior leadership and your human resources department to engage with our CODE program.

Curated Articles

CODE Coalition Resource Guide

This guide provides tips and suggestions for how to get started developing and implementing an EDI action plan and may be adapted to the size and needs of your organization.

Top 5 Tips for When an Employee Comes Out as Trans

As an employer or human resources, it’s your role to ensure that the workplace is a safe and inclusive space for everyone to continue being enthusiastic and engaged members of your team. Here are tips to ensure that your workplace is a welcoming and inclusive space for transgender and gender diverse people, and ways you can support employees should they come out to you.

Truth and Reconciliation Roadmap

Use this document as a roadmap throughout your organization’s truth and reconciliation journey. The Roadmap provides a wide variety of resources that can support the needs of your organization, and help you access a balanced approach to understanding why the TRC started their work in the first place, and why the Calls to Action requires an immediate response.

CODE Kickstart Guide

This document was created to help you and your organization to get started on your CODE journey by giving you the tools you need to utilize CODE to its full potential.

Religious Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

This document lists five specific ways to ensure religious inclusions for your employees. With Canada having one of the highest immigration rates per population of any country in the world, religious inclusion needs to be top of mind.

The 50/30 Challenge

The 50 – 30 Challenge is an initiative between the Government of Canada, Canadian businesses and diversity organizations. The goal of the program is to challenge Canadian organizations to increase the representation and inclusion of diverse groups within their workplaces, while highlighting the benefits of giving all Canadians a seat at the table.

Creating and Delivering Accessible Presentations

Ensuring that your presentation content is accessible is crucial for reaching a wider audience, including those with disabilities.

Paving the Way for the Future

Ahead of our CODE Conference, we sat down with one of our keynotes, Rosemary Sadlier, Founder of Black Canadian Network, to talk about how she worked to have Canada recognize Black History Month, Barack Obama's Inauguration and what you can expect to hear from here at the conference.

Get to Know Elder Betty Ross

If you have ever attended a Chamber event or an Advisory Council meeting, you will likely recognize her. Elder Betty Ross is an instrumental part of The Chamber and brings wisdom, cultural teachings and guidance to the work that we do. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to sit down with Elder Betty and learn more about her.

Belonging and Mental Health

Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman, A clinical and consulting psychologist, uses his skills as a psychologist to help bridge the gap between inclusion and mental health. In this article, Dr. Rehman shares how he combines his clinical and life experiences to help tell a story and create change.

Building a Vibrant Future

In 2021, Sky Bridges became the sixth CEO in Winnipeg Foundation’s history and the foundation’s first Indigenous and Two-Spirit CEO. In this article Sky shares more about his journey to CEO and about the important roles business and philanthropy can play in helping ensure ‘a Winnipeg where community life flourishes for all.’

Bloom with a New Way of Working

Avery Francis leads a team of inspiring folks at Bloom who are helping organizations build a more equitable and inclusive workforce for all. In this article, Avery shares how the workforce is ever-changing and how to reimagine the future of work.

And your CODE Conference Keynote is...

In this newsletter, you'll discover the state of women in leadership and entrepreneurship in Manitoba and Canada, get the first look into our CODE Keynote Speaker and gain exclusive access to the Diversity Institute's free Diversity Assessment Tool. Plus, discover how you can join the 50 – 30 Challenge to further your commitment to inclusivity!

Building Bridges: Winnipeg Newcomer Community

In this newsletter, discover inspiring success stories from the Newcomer Employment Hub and learn about the impactful collaboration between Altered Minds and the Newcomer Employment Hub in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in Winnipeg. Learn about upcoming events like the RBC Indigenous Career Fair and the CODE Workshop on navigating underrepresentation in Canada's labor market.

Celebrating the Rich History and Contributions of Black Canadians

This CODE newsletter includes a special focus on Black History Month and features insightful resources to deepen understanding of the significance of Black Canadians in our nation's history, their cultural impact, and the ongoing work to advance equity and inclusion. It also features a blog with Robyn Penner Thiessen on strategies for creating inclusive work environments, the RBC Indigenous Career Fair at RRC Polytechnic, the ADaPT4Success program, and the Diversity Institute's Assessment Tool.

Four Ways You Can Focus on Inclusion this Month

In this month’s edition explore Indigenous inclusion at our upcoming CODE Workshop featuring Kendell Joiner, and delve into the world of digital equity with Kelly Thibodeau’s impactful journey. Plus– with Disability Employment Awareness Month ending, find resources that support you in taking action beyond October.

Download the Truth and Reconciliation Roadmap

This month’s issue features the launch of our new and improved Truth and Reconciliation Roadmap, our full CODE Events line-up, recent research relevant to DEI and recommendations on how you and your staff can meaningfully participate in Truth and Reconciliation Week.

9 Tips for More Accessible Content

With the launch of CODE (Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity and Equity) we have been working internally to find ways to make our content more accessible for all. Here are 9 tips we have learned for more accessible content, whether it be social media, newsletters, presentations, videos and much more, through attending three virtual sessions with Lisa Snider, Senior Digital Accessibility Consultant & Trainer at Access Changes.

Measuring Your Progress With Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As we launched the CODE Coalition earlier this year, this newsletter focuses specifically on the third commitment - Measuring your progress with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Whether you’re a CODE Coalition signatory yet or not, take a closer look at how data can be used to understand your organization’s efforts towards embedding impactful DEI strategies, and creating accountability measures to avoid performative actions. Check out 3 questions we asked Dr. Aynslie Hinds about why Data matters.

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Code Conference

It’s the first ever, big, annual CODE event that you would not want to miss out on! Amongst the five reasons, hear from our keynote DEI experts of the day - Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman, Clinical Psychologist, Owner of Lead with Diversity & Rosemary Sadlier, Founder of Black Canadian Network.The best part? We’re back in-person, which means - you no longer have to unmute yourself to start a conversation, simply walk up to them, say hello & shake their hand!

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