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Building Bridges: Winnipeg Newcomer Community

March 6, 2024

CODE newsletters are meant to inspire you to reflect on your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, find valuable resources to further action and develop skills needed to facilitate bold change. 

In this newsletter, discover inspiring success stories from the Newcomer Employment Hub and learn about the impactful collaboration between Altered Minds and the Newcomer Employment Hub in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in Winnipeg. Learn about upcoming events like the RBC Indigenous Career Fair and the CODE Workshop on navigating underrepresentation in Canada’s labor market. Additionally, explore the free Diversity Institute’s Assessment Tool to understand and enhance your organization’s diversity practices and join the 50 – 30 Challenge to further your commitment to inclusivity.

Building Bridges: Altered Minds and the Newcomer Employment Hub’s Impact on DEI

Discover how Altered Minds, a settlement agency partner, supports newcomers and local businesses in embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion through innovative programs like SOPA and C4L. Learn about the Hub’s collaboration with SOPA MB, providing pre-arrival clients with job opportunities and connecting local businesses with diverse talent, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community in Winnipeg.  Read more


Empowering Newcomers: Success Stories from the Newcomer Employment Hub 

Read two inspiring success stories that showcase the Newcomer Employment Hub’s impact on individuals seeking meaningful employment in Winnipeg. Highlighting the journey towards diversity, equity, and inclusion. Join us in celebrating the Hub’s role in fueling success, enhancing community diversity, and inviting businesses to tap into international talent for a dynamic, inclusive workplace.  Read more


RBC Indigenous Career Fair at RRC Polytechnic  

The RBC Reaction by Collision Indigenous RRC Polytechnic Career Fair is scheduled for March 21st, providing a unique opportunity for employers to connect with potential hires. Employers interested in participating can register via a link that will be available in February, with spaces allocated on a first-come, first-served basis until full. It’s mandatory for all participating employers to bring a job opening they are actively seeking to fill. Register your booth here.


Explore Your organization’s diversity practices with the Diversity Institute’s Assessment Tool 

The Diversity Assessment Tool (DAT) is designed as a resource for organizations to evaluate their policies, procedures, and practices, offering insights from other companies to develop strategies that meet legal requirements and foster a welcoming, efficient workplace environment. It includes access to various examples of policies, practices, and tools that might be beneficial.

After you complete the assessment, you’ll get a tailor-made report that includes an evaluation of your organization’s diversity approach, recommendations for enhancements, and references to best practices for guidance.  Complete the assessment here.

Discover more about the 50 – 30 Challenge at www.50-30tools.ca   


CODE Conference Early Bird Pricing

CODE Conference 2024
Inclusion in Action

Workshops Include:

  • Supporting Women and Under-Represented Workers
  • Demystifying Digital Accessibility
  • Bringing ReconciliACTION to the workplace

Early Bird pricing on now until March 15.  Register today.


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