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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Where Winnipeg’s business community gathers.

Above all else, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce strives to be the ultimate gathering place for business in Winnipeg. A modernized agora, where business and community leaders find common ground in their ambitions and help one another realize their full potential.

At The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, our annual events calendar is an integral component to our ability to provide that environment of advocacy and inspiration, and deliver on the three pillars of our mission; Lead. Connect. Grow.

Membership Luncheons​

Cost: $68.75 – $110 (Member rate)
Frequency: Monthly (September to June)
Attendance: 400 – 1,200
Time Requirement: 2-3 hours (morning/afternoon)

Our Membership Luncheon series is our flagship event each year.

From September to June, The Winnipeg Chamber hosts 10 Membership Luncheons and two VIP Luncheons– State of the City and State of the Province, each featuring an engaging and relevant keynote speaker and topic of conversation.

Small Business Forums

Cost: FREE to attend / $25 Non members
Frequency: Quarterly
Attendance: 50-200
Time Requirement: 2-3 hours (morning/afternoon)

The Small Business Forums and Summit are directed at – you guessed it – Winnipeg’s small business community.

Our Small Business Forums bring the community together, to connect and share what’s important to the success of their business. These forums often feature hands on workshops and short presentations.

Spirit of Winnipeg Awards

Cost: $255
Frequency: Annual (June)
Attendance: ~400
Time Requirement: 4-5 hours (evening)

The Spirit of Winnipeg Awards is a gala and dinner to recognize and applaud organizations in Winnipeg that are truly making a positive impact on our community.

Civic Leaders Dinner

Cost: $130
Frequency: Annual
Attendance: 200+
Time Requirement: 4-5 hours (evening)

The Civic Leaders Dinner is an energetic networking evening where elected officials and the administration move between tables as diners move across courses.

Lead.Connect.Grow Workshops

Cost: FREE to attend (members only)
Frequency: 3x year
Attendance: 15-25
Time Requirement: 1 hour (morning)

Our Lead, Connect, Grow 101s are the perfect space for you to work alongside other entrepreneurs on growing your business in a workshop-style setting. Each session will focus on one of our three pillars – lead, connect and grow– and on a specific goal shared by other small business owners.

CODE Workshop

Cost: $25
Frequency: x4 year
Attendance: 30+
Time Requirement: 1-2 hours (morning)

Our CODE Workshops are hosted virtually and cover a different diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) topic each session. These workshops are meant to further your education and encourage you to start meaningful conversations and engage with the community you operate in.

CODE Conference

Cost: $200-$240
Frequency: Annually
Attendance: 200+
Time Requirement: All day event

Our annual CODE Conference will take you on a full-day journey of learning how to take, build and create an inclusive and equitable workplace for all.  Network with top voices in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) community, attend hands-on facilitated workshops, and understand the need for belonging and connection in the workplace.

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