About Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Our Vision

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce uses its position as a community leader, a member business supporter and a public policy influencer to build a city where industry prosperity and community wellness grow.

We’re building a Winnipeg that is:

  • a cost-competitive, technologically innovative city with a skilled labour force and modern infrastructure to support existing and emerging industries
  • a city where citizens take personal responsibility for and pride in community development​
  • a city with a bright economic future

Our Mission

To foster an environment in which Winnipeg business can prosper.

It’s clear our world evolves not by years, but by days. Given the growth of disruptive technology and an accelerated pace of change, coupled with unprecedented needs and challenges facing business, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce revised its strategic plan in October 2015 after consultations with members and community stakeholders.

What emerged were four member-driven directions for your Chamber to focus on for Winnipeg to reach its full potential. Ambitious? Yes. But our members and city have come to expect nothing less from their Chamber. After all, success doesn’t come from setting your sights low.

Our role

Public Policy Influence | Initiate and effect change in government policy and practices to support a growing, thriving business community

Member Business Support | Provide programs and services that create a competitive advantage for individual business members

Community Leadership | Serve as a catalyst for a prosperous community that offers a strong foundation for business location and expansion

Four member-driven directions:

  1. Launch a more robust model for small business support
  2. Establish and support catalytic leadership in our community
  3. Advance solution-oriented dialogue and advocacy
  4. Elevate connectivity