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Truth and Reconciliation Roadmap

In 2015, the Truth & Reconciliation Commission issued 94 Calls to Action, urging Canadian businesses to address the legacy of residential schools and support reconciliation.  

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, has redeveloped the Truth & Reconciliation Roadmap. This renewed edition is a collective effort to promote reconciliation and build meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities. 

We all have a profound responsibility to advance reconciliation. Call to Action 92 is specific to the business sector, and the Roadmap provides essential guidance and resources for businesses to engage effectively in reconciliation efforts. By aligning our collective efforts with these Calls to Action, we can work together to create a more inclusive and equitable future for all. 

About the Roadmap

This roadmap includes links to relevant resources and organizations for each strategy, emphasizing the need for wholehearted commitment throughout the organization. It’s an enhanced version of the 2019 launch, reflecting its significance in the community and our ongoing dedication to fostering positive change. 

The Truth and Reconciliation Roadmap is part of The Chamber’s Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity, and Equity (CODE) program, supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts for businesses. 

The revision and renewal of the Truth and Reconciliation Roadmap was made possible by The Chamber’s Truth and Reconciliation Advisory Council members 2022 – 2023, particularly the six-member working group whose integral role significantly shaped its updating and renewal. 

Denise Tardiff 
Manitoba Collaborative Indigenous
Education Blueprint Manager 

Noah Wilson 
Senior Business Development Manager for Indigenous Young Entrepreneurs for Manitoba and Saskatchewan at
Futurpreneur Canada 

Drew Fisher 
President and CEO
RBC Convention Center 

Rhonda Forgues 
General Manager
Indigenous Chamber of Commerce 

Sabrina Govier 
Director, People Solutions
Assiniboine Credit Union 

Sanjana Vijayann 
Director, Diversity and Inclusion
The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce 

Have questions about the roadmap, email [email protected].

Download the Roadmap

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