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Empowering Dreams: Success Stories from the Newcomer Employment Hub

March 5, 2024

In 2022, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber), in collaboration with Immigration Partnership Winnipeg (IPW) and supported by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC,) introduced the Newcomer Employment Hub (the Hub) – a groundbreaking job board fostering collaboration between Manitoba’s business and our newcomer communities. The primary aim? Tackling the pressing challenges faced by businesses today: talent recruitment and retention. 

Since its launch, The Hub has partnered with 15 settlement agencies. With their support, it has become a beacon of success, bridging the gap for newcomers and connecting them with local businesses eager to tap into international talent.

In this article, we share two inspiring success stories highlighting the profound impact the Hub has had on newcomers striving to find meaningful employment in Winnipeg. 

A Journey to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Arriving in early 2022 as an international student with a legal background and consulate experience, I embarked on a Human Resources diploma. The first year was dedicated solely to studies, but in 2023, I felt the urge to enter the job market. Uncertain about the opportunities aligned with my studies and work experience, I discovered the Newcomer Employment Hub. 

The Hub’s cutting-edge technology matches skills, qualifications, education, and experience with job opportunities on it’s portal. This proved invaluable for someone like me, seeking guidance in a job search. I received an invitation to apply for a DEI Officer position at The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. Unaware that a career in diversity, equity, and inclusion was possible. I immediately felt a connection to the role. The position, which I successfully secured, surpassed my wildest dreams and marked the beginning of my Canadian journey. 

In this role, I’ve been fortunate to connect with fellow newcomers, hear their stories, and, thanks to NEH, support them in their job searches. One such success story from NEH involves another job seeker who graciously shared their experience. 

Supporting Dreams: A Newcomer Employment Hub Success Story 

Our determined job seeker discovered the Newcomer Employment Hub through invaluable guidance from settlement agencies, specifically IRCOM and Immigrant Centre, both partners with The Hub. These agencies played a crucial role, assisting this job seeker with building his resume, providing application links, and guiding him through the entire employment process. With support from one of these agencies, he embarked on a two-week micro-credentials course, followed by a brief time in manufacturing and subsequent financial studies.  

Despite facing challenges along the way, these experiences equipped him with valuable skills, elevating him to his current role as a banking advisor at one of Canada’s largest and most renowned banks. 

The assistance he received not only paved the way for his success but also led him to discover a casual position as a life skills trainer at a local organization, a role he found through the Hub and continues to hold. This initial opportunity became a stepping stone toward his current role as a banking advisor, enabling him to support newcomers in managing their financial affairs. 

Coming from a finance background and having been a budget expert in Eritrea, East Africa, his journey to secure a job in Canada was marked by perseverance and leveraging resources from settlement agencies, non-profits, financial programs, and, significantly, the Hub. 

The Hub proved instrumental in opening doors, connecting him with a company that provided the necessary experience for a meaningful job aligned with his profession. Not only did The Hub assist in securing a job, but it also empowered him to pay it forward by supporting other newcomers in their journeys. 

His advice resonates with the broader newcomer community: face the challenges, continue your profession in Canada, and take the necessary steps for education and career advancement. The Hub, with its numerous opportunities, stands as a beacon for newcomers seeking meaningful employment. In my case, NEH facilitated a career transition I’m excited to pursue, and for our stellar job seeker, it provided the guidance to continue his original profession, bringing a profound sense of fulfillment to his Canadian journey. 

With the Hub fueling success, we anticipate more inspiring stories. The Hub not only aids newcomers in workforce integration but also enhances community diversity. We urge newcomers to leverage The Hub for professional fulfillment, and businesses in Manitoba to advertise job opportunities on The Hub, engaging with international talent and contributing to a dynamic, inclusive workplace. 

Explore our Hub at: Newcomer Employment Hub.

We look forward to welcoming you! 

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