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Discovering the Dynamic Landscape of Winnipeg Through Leadership Winnipeg

June 20, 2024

4-minute read
Post Contributed by Patrick McLenehan, Corporate Relationship Advisor, SCU
Leadership Winnipeg Class of 2023-2024

Participating in Leadership Winnipeg has been an eye-opening experience, revealing just how vibrant and dynamic our city really is. It’s like discovering hidden gems right in your own backyard—you know they’re there, but you don’t really see them until you dig a little deeper. Today’s adventure was a perfect example of this, as we explored three incredible organizations that I had heard of but never fully appreciated until now.

Our first stop was Manitoba Technology Accelerators (MTA). Tucked away in a building on the bridge, MTA is a powerhouse of innovation. Honestly, before today, I thought “accelerators” were just for cars! MTA helps budding tech companies by giving them the resources, mentorship, and networking they need to grow. It’s like a startup boot camp on steroids. Seeing the incredible roles people at MTA play in fostering local businesses made me realize that Manitoba is on the cutting edge of technology, even if our winters are a bit behind the times.

Next, we headed over to North Forge Technology Exchange. This nonprofit is a dream factory for inventors and entrepreneurs. Imagine a giant sandbox for adults where you can build, tinker, and create to your heart’s content. They have a fabrication lab that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and offer mentorship that’s invaluable. It’s a place where your wildest ideas can take shape. Walking through North Forge, I felt like a kid in a candy store, amazed at the creativity buzzing in the air. It’s clear that North Forge is crucial in helping startups get off the ground, kind of like training wheels for the big, scary business world.

Our final destination was New Flyer Industries in Transcona. For years, I’ve driven past their buildings, blissfully unaware of the bus-making magic happening inside. New Flyer is a giant in the world of heavy-duty transit buses, leading the charge in sustainable transportation. Touring their facilities was mind-blowing; I had no idea we had such a major player right here in Winnipeg. It’s like finding out your quiet neighbor is a rock star. The scale and innovation at New Flyer are truly impressive, showcasing the industrial strength that exists within our city.

These visits have completely changed my perspective on Winnipeg. It’s easy to overlook the incredible things happening all around us, but Leadership Winnipeg has given me a front-row seat to the action. Our city is brimming with organizations that are driving innovation, supporting entrepreneurs, and making a global impact.

In conclusion, today’s experiences have been both enlightening and entertaining. Manitoba Technology Accelerators, North Forge, and New Flyer are doing phenomenal work, each in their own unique way. They embody the spirit of innovation and community that makes Winnipeg special. So next time you’re stuck in traffic or shoveling snow, remember that there’s a lot more going on in this city than meets the eye. And who knows, maybe one of these amazing places will inspire you to get involved and make a difference too!

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