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May 17, 2023

Each month hundreds of businesses come together and network at our Membership Luncheon series.

To make it easy for you, we offer our members season seats to all 10 of our luncheons.

As a season seat holder, you’ll enjoy a number of exclusive benefits, here are just seven of them:


Time is money. We know you’re busy and purchasing tickets online each month is just another task on your to-do list. With season seats, you’re preregistered for all 10 luncheons. With that one-time purchase, you’ll receive monthly calendar invites and your ticket with the event program and your table number will be emailed directly to you a few days before the luncheon.
If those savings don’t intrigue you, know that you’re saving 20% off each luncheon ticket with season seats. On top of that, receive 20% off any additional tickets you need for each luncheon.


As season seat holders, you and your guests will be given priority seating each luncheon. Also, if you’re hoping to be seated with a potential client or if you want to reconnect with an old friend, let us know before the luncheon – we’re more than happy to accommodate any seating requests when we can.


The key to growing your business is your network. Join us each month to meet potential clients, board members, employees or even your next business partner. Businesses join The Chamber to network. Join us each month and be a part of a community where you’ll build new business relationships and strengthen existing ones.


As a season seat holder, you’ll be the first in the know of important initiatives, projects and laws that will impact your business.  Our luncheons offer exclusive sneak peeks of what’s happening in our city. For example, State of the City and State of the Province Address is best-known as the platform where the Mayor and Premier announce their newest projects for Winnipeg and Manitoba. As an added bonus, season seat holders are given first-access to tickets to The Chamber VIP events.


Don’t forget – your season seats are interchangeable. This means if you purchase a table of season seats, you can rotate your staff as to who attends each month. Our luncheons allow your team to take a break from their desk, learn from influencers and network with other businesses. Show your team you appreciate them, and allow them to develop their skills and to network, while proudly representing your organization at our Chamber luncheon.


Personal connections is one of the most important drivers in business today. Show your clients you’re thinking of them by personally inviting them as your special guest to a Chamber luncheon. Your season seats allows you to share your season seats with any of your stakeholders. Treat them for lunch, make them feel valued and maybe even close that deal.


Our luncheons focus on topical issues affecting Winnipeg businesses. Join us each month to hear our keynotes share their solutions to your problems in an engaging and two-way dialogue. Or if your problem is more specific, with the 300+ businesses in attendance, you’ll be sure to find someone who can help you find what you need. If you need a warm introduction, let a Chamber staff know – we’re more than happy to connect you to the right people.

View the full season line up and get your 2023-2024 season seats here by Friday, September 15, 2023

Season Seat Investments:

Single Seat | $550 + GST
Table of 8 | $4,400 + GST
Table of 10 | $5,500 + GST

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