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And Your 2024 Code Conference Keynote is…

April 9, 2024

CODE newsletters are meant to inspire you to reflect on your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, find valuable resources to further action and develop skills needed to facilitate bold change.

In this newsletter, you’ll discover the state of women in leadership and entrepreneurship in Manitoba and Canada, get the first look into our CODE Keynote Speaker and gain exclusive access to the Diversity Institute’s free Diversity Assessment Tool. Plus, discover how you can join the 50 – 30 Challenge to further your commitment to inclusivity!

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Meet Our CODE Conference Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tina Chen

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Tina Chen, Vice-Provost (Equity) at the University of Manitoba, will be our keynote speaker at the upcoming CODE Conference on May 1, 2024.

Dr. Chen is an activist, advocate and scholar who’s dedicated her career to championing equity, diversity, and inclusion. Her award-winning work focuses on feminism, anti-colonial solidarities, and alternative political imaginaries in modern Chinese, Asian, and World history.

Join us at the CODE Conference to hear from Dr. Chen and be inspired by her insights on equity transformation and her vision for a more inclusive future. Visit the CODE Conference registration page here

Spotlight on Women in Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Women in business at a conference setting.

Recent studies, including the “Barely Breaking Ground” report by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the “Women’s Entrepreneurship in Manitoba” report by the Manitoba Women’s Enterprise Centre Inc., reveal significant gaps in women’s representation and success in leadership and entrepreneurship.

Key findings show that women hold only 35 per cent of management roles in Canada, with Manitoba lagging behind. Plus, majority women-owned SMEs in Manitoba are lower than the national average at just 12.8 per cent.

Both reports highlight challenges such as gender-based stereotypes, bias, and access to finance, particularly for intersectional women entrepreneurs.

The Chamber sees these findings as a call to action for meaningful change, emphasizing the need for tailored programs, equal-pay initiatives, and increased support for diverse women-owned businesses. Dive into the full reports to understand the landscape and join us in championing women’s advancement in business.  Hit this link to read the full blog.


Free EDI Resource: What Works Toolkit

diverse group of animated people

Check out the What Works Toolkit from the Diversity Institute, an online resource designed to assist Canadian organizations in executing effective equity and diversity initiatives.

This toolkit showcases real-world success stories while offering you practical takeaways to enhance recruitment, mentorship, promotion, and retention, while creating an inclusive workplace free of racism, hate and harassment.

Whether you’re looking to improve your organization’s policies or seeking inspiration from others, the What Works Toolkit is your go-to resource for fostering a more equitable and inclusive environment. Explore the toolkit here.

Benchmark Your Organization’s EDI Practices with the Diversity Assessment Tool

Women leaning over a booth table talking with a women student

Diversity Institute’s Diversity Assessment Tool (DAT) is a resource for your business to evaluate your EDI policies, procedures, and practices. It offers insights from other companies to help you meet legal requirements and foster a welcoming, efficient workplace environment.

After you complete the assessment, you’ll get a tailor-made report that includes an evaluation of your organization’s diversity approach, recommendations for enhancements, and references to best practices for guidance.

Hit this link to access the Diversity Assessment Tool.

Discover more about the 50 – 30 Challenge at www.50-30tools.ca 

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