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3 Reasons to Join The Chamber Sessions

January 18, 2022

We know these past two years have been hard. So, let’s talk it out.

With the continued impacts of this pandemic, our team at The Chamber worked together with the Chamber’s Group Insurance Plan to create a program that can help you through your biggest challenges today.

You may be wondering, why is this beneficial to me? As a small business, why should I apply for this program? We are here to tell you why. Here at The Chamber, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to support you and your team during your most difficult times.

We have put together three reasons why you should apply to The Chamber Sessions today!

1. It’s FREE!

Yes, you heard that right. The Chamber Sessions is a free support program and offers a three-hour, one-on-one session with a local business mentor to talk through your current roadblocks in your business. As a small business owner going through a pandemic, funds can be difficult to find when it comes to marketing, finances, HR etc. That’s why The Winnipeg Chamber and Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan decided to make the program free.

2. Get the specialized help you need

Your three-hour, one-on-one session will be led by one of our community’s specialized industry professionals, also known as our Business Mentors. During your session, your Business Mentor is there to act as a sounding board, because sometimes you do just need to talk it out. Our hope is that you and your team talking it out with someone who is specialized and well-experienced in your challenged focus area will help you identify more potential solutions.

Get to know our Business Mentors

3. Grow your business

This is your chance to bounce an idea off someone who’s been through it. The Sessions program will allow you to run through new ideas, strategies and scenarios one-on-one with a Business Mentor. By getting this first-hand expertise, you will learn new strategies to implement these ideas into your business. The Chamber Sessions offers help from industry professionals from 7 different sectors.

  • Finance
  • Growth Strategy
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Technology

There are so many other reasons why your business should register for The Chamber Sessions today. Interested in learning more?


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