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We know these past two years have been hard. So, let’s talk it out.


About the Program:

The Chamber Sessions is a free support program built for small and medium-sized businesses. This temporary program offers a three-hour one-on-one session with a local business mentor to talk through your current roadblocks in your business.

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Let’s pause, slow down and strategize, together. 

As a business, you will pick one of the seven focus areas:
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Legal 
    • Supply Chain
    • Technology
    • Growth Strategy (Spots Full)
    • Marketing (Spots Full)

Sessions are limited and will run from January 17 to March 31, 2022 or until sessions last. As a Winnipeg Chamber member, you will have first rights to the sessions. 


  • Must be a registered Winnipeg business
  • Registration for Chamber members open on Tuesday, January 11
  • Registration for all Winnipeg businesses open on Tuesday, January 25


  1. Fill out an intake form
    • Intake 1 opens for Winnipeg Chamber members: Tuesday, January 11
    • Intake 1 opens for all Winnipeg businesses: Tuesday, January 25
  2. We will pair you with a mentor from one of your three top choices
  3. Your selected mentor will get in touch about setting up your session date and time
  4. Complete your one-on-on session by March 31, 2022

Please note: A Chamber Session is not guaranteed due to limited sessions.

Still have questions? Read our FAQ or contact [email protected]


If you require our Chamber Sessions form in an alternative format, please contact Kayla Buehler at [email protected]

Need Help Deciding Your Focus Areas?

Here’s a few guiding statements that can help you decide.


    • “I don’t know where to start with my business plan”
    • “I need to improve my cash flow”
    • “How do I even project or forecast with everything going on?
Growth Strategy:
    • I’m ready to level-up my business”
    • “How do I increase my market share in my sector?”
    • “I need to help to identify new opportunities”
Human Resource:
    • “I’m really low staff. How do I find and build a strong and loyal team?”
    • “I need help making sense of all the laws when it comes to human resources”
    • “I have to have a hard conversation with my staff, help”
    • “I’m confused on our legal responsibilities are during this pandemic”
    • “I have to temporarily lay off my team, how do I handle it correctly?”
    • “I need help negotiating our contract with our landlord”
    • “I need to increase my presence online to reach more customers”
    • “Social media is overwhelming. Where do I start?”
    • “One of my goals is to have a bigger presence in our community”
Supply Chain:
    • “Where do I start with international import and export”
    • “I need help with understanding all the paperwork at Customs”
    • “How do I improve my own supply chain?”
    • “There’s too many options. How do I know what’s for us?”
    • “How do I get my e-commerce business up and running?”
    • “My entire team is working from home. How do I ensure they have what they need?”


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