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What is your Career Story?

October 13, 2020

What is your career story? Theatre instructor turned to one of LinkedIn’s top voices is one way Kerri Twigg defines hers. She chalks up a lot of her success in career coaching to her theatre training.

“I’ve been a career coach now for about eight years, but I started as a theatre instructor about 20 years ago. I feel as though I am a theatre instructor in disguise because it’s the same stuff, right?” laughed Twigg. “How are you showing up? What’s your character? It’s all acting, but at the end of the day it’s mostly helping people figure out what makes them awesome and they can show up and embrace that story.”

Kerri loved the idea of helping people embrace their character and story on stage, but it wasn’t until she landed a job at People First HR that her passion shifted from the stage to the workforce.

“When our clients would let people go, they would call us at People First HR to tell us they were letting an employee go at 2:00. I would show up at 1:30 and coach the manager how to deliver the news. Then once they let the employee go, they would introduce me as their career transition consultant,” smiled Kerri. “I would be the first person people would meet when they lost their job and I would help them deal with their emotions that day. I would essentially be coaching them.”

Now, as a Career Transition Coach, Job Search Strategist and Certified Resume Strategist Kerri helps people all over the world to use their stories to grow their careers, whether they aim for a “job-job” or owning their own business. She specializes in helping people to see their awesome and how to communicate that to other people in person, as well as on their resume and LinkedIn.

Speaking of LinkedIn, in 2018, Kerri was listed as a LinkedIn Top Voice. Kerri often mentions how honoured she was to be acknowledged, but not a lot of people understand what exactly it means. Well, for starters it means that out of the 610 million people on LinkedIn in 2018, Kerri was in the top 10 LinkedIn contributors based on her analytics. Crazy right?

“At that time, I was amazed because I’m just out here sharing advice and trying to help people tell their story,” smiled Kerri. “It was me and a bunch of CEOs of million dollar companies. I didn’t feel like I fit into that group. Here’s me sitting in a weird room off my bathroom giving career advice, but also one of the top 10 LinkedIn voices. It was surreal.”


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Kerri’s Top 3 LinkedIn Tips:

1. Connect and CHAT!

When you connect with people, don’t just click connect. You should have a message right away to send to any person that you connect with.

2. Add those adjectives!

You can have your official title on your headline, but adding a couple of adjectives about you or other words that describe you is a really smart move. So, you might say you’re the owner of your company, but then you might also list that you are a strategic manager and a cyclist. Add something interesting because when people first see you, they see your picture and your headline. It helps you stand out a little bit.

3. Remember that it is SOCIAL MEDIA!

Creating a profile and then never talking to anyone or just posting, company ads doesn’t work. That makes your content go down and no one sees it. You don’t need to be like me and post every day, but at least once a month. Post a mix of talking about you and what’s happening in the office or what an employee did that day is going to come off better. Personal matters.



Job loss has been a reality for many during COVID-19, which leaves job hunting a common task. Some may not have lost their job, but working from home has made them realize they may not like their job and want a change.

“Most of the people who I work with aren’t unemployed. COVID has made them think, hey, maybe the only thing I liked about work was the good coffee we got and now I’m working from home and I realized, I hate my job,” said Kerri. “That is where I come in. Some people are thinking about what they want their career story to be when things go back to normal. I am here to help them prep for that.”

To learn more tips and hear about how you can tell your career story, join us on Oct 29 for our virtual luncheon.

Businesses have adapted how they operate during COVID-19. The way you talk about your business needs to change too. In this talk, you’ll learn how to figure out what your company’s current story is saying about itself and how to find your core company story.

Join us for free our Virtual Luncheon as we chat with Kerri Twigg as she shows you how to find, hone and share your company story following the same steps she took to be named a LinkedIn Top Voice. How you tell your story now matters more than ever.



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