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How to Use New Virtual Luncheon Features

September 9, 2020

While large in-person events are not possible, The Chamber is still committed to bring you and other members together to network and connect. The best way to do this is to look into online platforms that could host our events and mirror your traditional in-person luncheon experience.

For our September Luncheon and Small Business Forum we will be hosting our events on Hopin – a virtual event platform. To get you the best experience when you register for our online events, we are sharing with you the top features Hopin offers and how to use them to get the best out of our online events!
Hopin has four major features: Stage, Sessions, Networking and Expo.
The stage is where the keynote presentation will take place. You also have the option of sending messages on the right hand side. You can select “Stage” to see messages directly related to the keynote or select “Event” to see messages for the whole event.
The sessions are like your seating arrangements at a traditional Chamber luncheon. In your confirmation pass you will be given a breakout session group number. This will be the group you select during our facilitated break out sessions. Groups will be maxed at 10 people to ensure everyone gets a chance to reflect on the keynote and network.

You have a few options to network during our Hopin events.

The first is through the “Networking” tab on the left hand side. Click that and you will be connected with a random attendee to connect with. This is a great option if you don’t have anyone in particular you want to network with and are just looking to meet new people.

You also have the option of sending messages on the right hand side to other attendees in the event group chat or individually.

Booths were a big part of our in-person events, but they have gone virtual! Select the “Expo” option on the left hand side and have access to the different booths at our event. We will even have a Winnipeg Chamber booth for you to connect with us. These booths allows you to find out more about great different businesses and organizations in our city. If you’re interested in hosting a virtual booth, you can contact Sean Angus, our Business Development Coordinator at [email protected].

Have questions throughout the event? You can select “WCC Help” in the “People” section to ask any questions regarding the event or if you are having trouble accessing something.

If you want more of a tutorial on how Hopin works, watch their brief video here: 


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