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What You Told Us: Civic Election Survey

June 15, 2022

6-minute Read

In May, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce surveyed its members about issues related to the upcoming civic election. We wanted to know what issues matter most to our members, and what policies you want the next city government to pursue.

Unsurprisingly, given the timing of the survey coincided with a particularly bad pothole season, infrastructure spending came up as the top priority for survey respondents, with economic development, safety, downtown recovery, and housing affordability also ranking near the top.

We also asked questions about whether our members think the City is business-friendly, and what steps the civic government could take to make it easier to start and operate a business in Winnipeg. And we tested out a few policy innovations we’ve seen work in other cities.

The results of this survey will help us create The Winnipeg Chamber’s 2022 civic election platform, which will be released in the weeks ahead and shared with Chamber members and all candidates for mayor and council.

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