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Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

April 4, 2023

Written by Casey Clair
3-minute read

Happy Earth Month, Chamber members! How are you taking part in Earth Month this year? 

Below are a few ways to celebrate Earth Month and Earth Day on April 22nd. Share with us how you are celebrating this month and throughout the year on social media by hash tagging #WCCBiz. 

Image provided by Exchange District Biz


Several organizations in Winnipeg are scheduling public spring cleanups. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the season and help make our city more beautiful. The Exchange District BIZ hosts an annual cleanup on May 4th. Join them and meet new people in your community.

Educate & Donate

Image provided by Wildlife Haven

One of the first steps towards helping the planet is to educate ourselves about our natural environment and the residents that live here. Attend one of the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre’s events at the Murray Education Centre and the Outdoor Discovery Space. Get a closer, safer look at some of Manitoba’s most incredible species! 

Join the Wildlife Haven’s Baby Shower on Earth Day (April 22). Check out their Baby Shower registry for items needed around this time of year or consider donating and make sure to stop by and say hello to these local prairie critters of all shapes and sizes!


Image provided by Compost Winnipeg

Compost Winnipeg has made composting straightforward through their website and offers pick-up services for residential and commercial properties and events throughout the city. By composting, you reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfill every year and the amount of methane released into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. So get your bin and compostable liners today and see how much waste you can divert in a week, a month, or even a year! 


Image provided by Electronic Recycling Association

E-waste stands for ‘electronic waste,’ and it’s only grown as our society has become more technologically advanced. So, consider donating or refurbishing your well-loved pieces of tech through the Electronic Recycling Association! They offer bins for e-waste collection and free pickups of your electronic waste. If you have concerns about sensitive data, rest assured that your data is destroyed on-site so that no one else can access it.

Where do your donations go?

Donated technology is distributed to charities all over Canada. Call the Electronic Recycling Association or take a peek online to see how you can donate or refurbish your smartphone, television, computer, and more!

Renewable Energy

If you’re considering switching to solar energy or if you have an electric vehicle (EV), try giving Powertec Solar Inc. a call! They install solar photovoltaic systems for residential, industrial, agricultural, and First Nations communities. Additionally, they install EV Charging Stations and can upgrade your outlet to support a more efficient Level 2 Charging Station. When you fill out an online form, it goes right to Kevin Bowes– solar energy consultant with Powertec Solar. No need to hesitate. Get a complimentary feasibility analysis today!


There are many approaches for people to participate in Earth Month. These activities can be done year-round, too! Stay up-to-date with The Chamber as we have our next Membership Luncheon: Racial Justice is Climate Justice right around the corner on April 20th. Register and join us to learn more about climate action this spring!

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