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Three new ways to introduce yourself

October 21, 2020

On October 29, Kerri Twigg will speak during our October Luncheon about Creating and Owning Your Business Story.  Before the Luncheon, she shared with us some insightful tips for you to use.

Here are THREE new ways to introduce yourself.

Choose the one that you feel the most comfortable saying. Make sure to practice it. It should roll easy when spoken.

1. I am currently learning all I can about (enter thing that interests you) so I can (enter thing you want to do).

Example: I am currently learning all I can about Winnipeg tourism, so I can get a job marketing our city.

This is ideal when you are working towards a goal, but not there yet. Be prepared to talk about the research you have been doing, and interesting facts. This allows you to talk about your interests and future, instead of what you used to do.

2. I help (say who you help) to (say what you help them to do).

Example: I help people to manage their finances.

This is ideal when you are in role you love, but is more colorful than only giving a job title. You may get questions about how you help, so be prepared to talk about that. This is a fun one because you immediately show that you are interested in helping other people and it’s not all about you.

3. I am trying to figure out where to go from (name previous role).

Example: I am trying to figure out where to go next from being a master marshmallow maker.

This is ideal if you are transitioning, but not sure to what yet. This takes the pressure off of having to have your next step figured out and allows space for conversation. Be ready to talk about what you’ve been doing to figure out the next step. One secret in networking is that people love to feel smart and useful. So, this opening often gets you offers of assistance.

Creating and Owning Your Business Sotry
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