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Preparing for 2022

January 28, 2022

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CODE Newsletter | Issue #3
These CODE newsletters are meant to inspire you to reflect on your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, find valuable resources to further action and develop skills needed to facilitate bold change. 
Written by Sanjana Vijayann, Diversity and Inclusion Manager and Kyra De La Ronde, Diversity and Inclusion Intern

Preparing for 2022

As we move into a new year and work on creating new resolutions to make positive changes in our lives – let’s take some time to think of what meaningful changes we can make in 2022 in our organizations.

Below you can find more about how you can impactfully recognize cultural, religious, and other dates of significance in your workplace in 2022.

Let’s Talk – New Year and New Commitments

 January is often the time for us to reset and evaluate which direction we are wanting to take going forward into this new year. How can we prepare for a successful year? One way to prepare for the new year is reviewing the dates of importance in 2022 and planning ahead. 

Creating an inclusive workplace is a year-round commitment and this involves ensuring that religious, cultural and other dates of significance are built into your workplace calendar. Avoid scheduling important deadlines, events, meetings or activities on significant days. If planning an event, ensure that food accommodations are provided as requested all year-round. For example kosher restrictions, or halal dietary restrictions. Consider offering employees an opportunity to take flexible time off for holidays they celebrate.

An organizational wide message on the 1st of the month marking upcoming holidays or significant dates can be an excellent way to acknowledge upcoming holidays and can also serve as a great educational opportunity for all staff. Offer an opportunity for employees to include a short blurb about the holidays that are significant to them. Ensure that this participation is voluntary and any personal information shared is kept confidential unless the employee wants it shared. Ensure that your efforts are thoughtful and show a genuine interest in the different holidays celebrated by your employees. Also ensure that your organization isn’t taking DEI training only on specific months, for example Black History Month, but there is a commitment for ongoing learning all year-round. 

Employees perform better and are more engaged in workplaces where they feel included, seen and feel like they belong. Celebrating diverse holidays and respectfully marking dates of importance can help create an inclusive work environment.

– here are some resources and recommendations  

What I’m Reading

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