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Safety Protocols at Your Next Chamber Event

August 18, 2021

A big part of being a Chamber Member has always been about networking and connecting with other members. As we slowly start to plan in-person events again, we are excited to bring you back for in person events.

We are implementing a number of safety protocols to ensure the safety of attendees, our staff and vendors. Here are important changes we have added to our events:

Digital and/or physical COVID immunization card will be mandatory at our event check-in for all Winnipeg Chamber in-person gatherings.


Twenty-four (24) hours prior to the event, all attendees will receive their event confirmation pass, which will include a link asking them to go through the online Manitoba Shared Health Screening Tool to monitor any COVID-19 symptoms. If the tool recommends you take a COVID-19 test, you must withdraw your participation from the event.


PictureHand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the venue, including at entry and registration. All attendees must sanitize before entering the event.




To limit any potential health risks, staff and attendees are required to wear a mask until seated. For attendees who don’t have, masks will be provided at registration free of charge.




Proper wall and floor signage will remind attendees to practice social distancing during registration and the event. Please note, there may be short instances when social distancing is not possible.




Each round table usually seats 10-12 attendees, but for now, the tables will seat a maximum of 8 attendees.



We understand everyone’s comfort levels are different, so please respect other attendees’ preferences regarding physical distancing. To help signal other people’s comfortability levels, take a sticker to let us know where you are at.

Please Take One:
Red: Greet from 6 Feet
Yellow: Elbows Only
Green: High Fives and Handshakes
If you have any questions regarding our events, please contact our Program and Events Manager, Riele Bailey, [email protected]
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