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Your Chair in Your Community- February

February 8, 2021

Change has been forced upon us by the pandemic and it continues to push us to adjust our path. The idea for this blog titled, Your Chair in Your Community, came from the fact that in a typical year members that go to events, get to connect with our board chair personally and since we don’t have in-person events, Shreeraj wanted to connect in a different way. We hope this blog will give you an inside look at the work Shreeraj is doing each month to better serve you– the Winnipeg business community.

“When we walk with purpose, you collide with destiny.”

Liz Choi, Jessica Dumas and Shreeraj Patel in front of the Tuniigusiia sculpture at the Qaumajuq building last month.

We all have been navigating through these unprecedented times. The importance of attracting, developing and maintaining both personal and professional relationships is so essential for our well-being. For me, I have chosen not to ignore my internal need for connection.

I’ve focused on reaching out to our members to hear from you directly. Whether that be over the phone or during our virtual luncheon events in the networking sessions – the conversations had have been insightful and uplifting. It’s been an opportunity for me to hear the stories of adaptability, resiliency directly and even struggle. In particular, what has truly resonated with me are the stories of crisis response and how our members have developed new ways of navigating through supply chain disruptions and protecting and supporting the well-being of their employees.
Against this backdrop, I’m excited about the Chambers’ Business Crews program and how it supports and builds a strategic and intentional community around the business owner.
Leveraging AI, our members will be engaged in groups geared towards empowerment and support. The intensive series of meetings are intended to magnify and accelerate how you can collaborate with peers as a way to encourage your personal and professional goals. Having a diverse and robust group of professionals in your network will yield new ways of thinking and tackling the road ahead.
I’m confident that the bonds created will last beyond the economic and social impacts of the pandemic.
Better ahead – better together.
–Board Chair, Shreeraj Patel

You told us, and we listened.
Our members told us networking and connecting with new clients in these new times is difficult. So, in response to that, we partnered with The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM) to launch a new and innovative networking program: Virtual Business Crews.
Benefits of Business Crews:
  1. A new way to network designed to fit your business objectives
  2. Connect with 15-20 valuable new contacts chosen for you
  3. Create and build lasting relationships
  4. A safe space to discuss your biggest business challenges

    Register for Business Crews TODAY!

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