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Why choose The Chamber as a Student

February 20, 2024

2 minute read
Post Contributed by: Sarah, Student at Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre

As a graduating high school student in the applied business management program at the Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre (ATC), here’s why I chose The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce for my 3-week internship.

As a part of my two-semester-long program at ATC, an internship with any company or organization of your choice is a requirement at the end of the program. It’s a short period of three weeks but nonetheless a great opportunity for young business students like myself to try and get a feel of what their future holds. A great part of the applied business management program at ATC is the amount of opportunities we get handed to us to grow our network. My program is very lucky to have gotten tons of tickets and opportunities to network at Chamber events such as The State of the City back in February of 2023, Racial Justice is Climate Justice with Larissa Crawford, and lastly, Navigating Burnout with Jhanelle Peters in December.

Attending these events as a high school student with no prior networking skills was a great introduction to networking and putting myself out there.

They also introduced me to The Chamber. Meeting all these business people and leaders as a 17-year-old was very enjoyable as I love hearing about other people’s success stories as well as learning how they got to where they are now. I wouldn’t have been able to develop any networking skills if it weren’t for The Chamber, and that’s where my interest in them started.

After doing research on what The Chamber does and how they are such a leader in the business community of Winnipeg, I found myself drawn in. A key note to mention is my interest in events management which events happen to be something The Chamber is so great at organizing. The reason a young business student like myself is so drawn to The Chamber is that they’re all about leading, connecting, and growing, which is something all business people are prone to do, but especially students trying to kickstart their own journey in the business world. I was enamoured by the idea of knowing and experiencing how a successful non-profit organization like The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce functions and strives in the business community.

Fast forward three weeks and my time with The Chamber went by so fast. I had an amazing time learning from The Chamber and working with different and amazing people! The Chamber really gave me a good outlook on how business events go and the meaning of putting yourself out there as a business person. I got the opportunity to attend multiple different events hosted by The Chamber. It was more of a networking experience for me, and I made a point to introduce myself to the keynote at every event.

I got to see how so many different aspects and roles are needed for an organization to function successfully, and it was really an eye-opener as a young student and future business person. It was refreshing and awesome to witness such a cool organization at work, and I really enjoyed my time with the Chamber!

I chose The Chamber to gain valuable experience and knowledge on how to grow as an individual and a future business person and to experience a well-working team, which is what makes the Chamber a successful organization. I was able to leave the Chamber team with what I was hoping for and much more. As a high school student, I’m very grateful for The Chamber taking me on and I hope to connect with them again in the future!

If you are a student looking at getting an introduction to the business world, I couldn’t recommend The Chamber. They have such a great welcoming team and gave me valuable experience and knowledge as a graduating high school student. I’m very glad I chose The Chamber for my internship, and I hope to see more students interested in learning and growing from The Chamber like I did!

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