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Vantage Studios’ 18 best business-building tools

July 10, 2020

Vantage Studios has made 18 of their best workshop exercises available to you for free!

No business remains unaffected by COVID-19. The pandemic has tampered with morale, thrown a wrench in major plans, and forced companies in all industries to flip their business on its head.

Vantage wants to help prep your business for growth and success as we ease into this new normal. Their free business tools include all the exercises used to help their clients reinvent themselves in branding, sales, and marketing.

Businesses can use these tools to help unite their team, grow their business, and establish company security. Likewise, individuals can use these tools to help guide them in career decisions.

Here’s a closer look at some of the exercises. 


Warm up 

Brainstorming is easier said than done. It can be tricky to get the big ideas rolling right from the get go—that’s why a warm up is crucial. Vantage’s favourite brainstorming warm up invites you to try your hand at sketching your coworkers. 

This timed exercise reminds your team that adults have built up barriers since childhood that prevent us from freely sharing our thoughts and ideas. 

Through sketching, you not only practice using a skill that will add value to the following activities, but you’re also able to break down those barriers and try something new as a team.


Success Stories

This exercise invites each member of your team to draw what success looks like to them. This will help you shift your perspective by tapping into the other half of your brain. 

Many people struggle with this activity at first, and find it easier to write a list or paragraph to communicate what success means to them.

By asking people to draw the concept of success, you’ll be able to bring new ideas into view. Discuss everyone’s idea of success and make note of any recurring ideas. 

Once you know what motivates you and your team, you can evolve your company’s mission or vision, resonate with the right people, and make a more distinct impact in your market.


Buy a Feature

Decision making is hard, and lack of action can waste precious time. The Buy a Feature tool helps build confidence in a decision and pushes you to action it. 

The scope of a project can suffocate a great initiative, especially when continuous or uncontrolled scope growth bloats a project—slowing it down, impacting morale, and reducing focus. 

As a group, list all of the tasks related to the project at hand. Now, grant each team member three or more stickers. These stickers will count as votes to divvy up your budget or determine the project’s most critical tasks. This way, you can phase an initiative, limit your scope, and focus on shorter-term goals.

Download the Free Tools PDF now

As a group or on your own, via Zoom or in-person, these activities can help set you up for growth and success now and well into the future, whatever it may hold.  

Click here to access the Free Tools download.

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