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The Recovery Playbook

August 6, 2020
As we begin to shift our focus managing the COVID-19 crisis to recovery, now is the time to ensure we invest wisely, focusing our attention on a recovery that restores jobs and businesses, strengthens social fabric, and builds a resilient economy ready for any future challenge.
How we approach the challenge of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will define the city and province we live in going forward. We have a unique opportunity to take advantage of this moment in time to create a stronger community that sets the pace for other jurisdictions rather than follows along.
We need to go beyond the idea of simply rebuilding what was in place before this pandemic and look ahead to how our assets can be put to use to generate the greatest gain for Manitobans as we enter “the new normal.”

At the core of the Recovery Playbook we are defining characteristics essential to its success, namely building beyond what was, prioritizing responsiveness and agility and adopting a whole of government approach with alignment between local, provincial and federal governments.
The Recovery Playbook: Rebuilding and Reimagining Manitoba, outlines key outcomes, nine pillars and associated actions for an inclusive, more resilient, and more future-ready Manitoba.

The nine pillars touched on in the playbook are:

  1. Alignment and collaboration between governments
  2. Invest in skills development
  3. Smarter stimulus spending
  4. Embrace digital transformation
  5. Thing global, act local
  6. Modernize government systems and structures
  7. Assistance for business—stability and transition
  8. Stimulate access to capital
  9. Make equity a priority
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