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The Power of Leadership Luncheon Recap

February 4, 2021

The Winnipeg business community heard from Jay Grewal, the first female CEO in Manitoba Hydro’s history, on the power of leadership.

Jay joined Manitoba Hydro as their first female President & Chief Executive Officer in February 2019. She is a proven leader with over 26 years of leadership and corporate management experience including at Executive levels in the utility, resource and consulting sectors.

Our Board Chair, Shreeraj Patel, facilitated a great conversation with Jay as she shared how strong leadership can positively impact business.

Below we have the top 3 takeaways as well as the full YouTube video recording of the luncheon! Be sure to grab your notebook as there is a ton of great content for you to take in!

“It was truly a privilege to speak with Jay today. She shared a masterclass level of insight and advice. She embodies what dynamic and inclusive leadership looks like in 2021 and beyond. Her employee and client-centric approach is helping reshape MB Hydro for the future”- Shreeraj Patel Board Chair and Vice President of Commercial Financial Service at RBC

  1. Be comfortable in change. Jay shared that as a leader you need to take advantage of change and learn how to adapt. The COVID-19 pandemic is unchatered waters and we as humans and business people have not only learned how to be agile, but we learned we have the capacity to be agile.”You have to be comfortable in leading in change. The pace of change keeps getting faster. Future leaders need to build the capability to be effective in leading, guiding and making decisions in change– agility.”
  2. Take risks. When you step outside of your comfort zone that is when you will learn. Expose yourself to new forms of leadership.
  3. The three Ds. Jay also shared about larger trends affecting the industry– digitalization, decarbonization and decentralization– and outlined the opportunities presented by each with a focus on decarbonization, green hydrogen, and carbon pricing.

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