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Sustainability Spotlight – Vibes Energy Inc.

March 7, 2023

Written by Casey Clair, Energy & Climate Advocate
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Community-based sustainability is a key strategy in developing flourishing eco-conscious businesses. At The Chamber, it is important for us to promote sustainable businesses and their green initiatives. In our Sustainability Spotlights, we will shift our focus toward sustainable practices and the people that adopt and amplify them.

Say hello to March with a new edition of our Sustainability Spotlight! Get ready to spring forward this year and maximize your energy savings with Reanna Khan and Imran Khan of Vibes Energy Inc.

Image provided by Vibes Energy.

Vibes Energy is a solar energy company created by Reanna and Imran in 2019. They have flourished in the renewable energy sector over the last several years, providing assessments and installation for photovoltaic (PV) systems, backup batteries, and electric vehicle (EV) chargers. In addition, they have installed solar panels in their home business to save operating costs and prove their PV systems’ functionality. 

But where did they start? 

“I come from a huge oil and gas background, and coming from a small island, you could see the effects of climate change,” said Imran. “So being able to get into the solar industry was one of the things I wanted to do to offset some of the effects of climate change that I probably added to.” 

Having been in the solar industry for a while, Imran is working towards a productive, renewable energy sector where he and his partner, Reanna, can help others reach their zero-energy consumption goals. 

So, what is solar power?

Solar photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into energy through solar panels installed on south-facing roofs. This is a preferable position as it allows the most daylight to hit the solar panels for the longest period of time. However, if you’re worried about panel positioning and possible blockages, Reanna and Imran will help you optimize your solar input by assessing your property.

 How do I get involved?

Solar energy has become more efficient, affordable, and durable since it first hit the market decades ago. Know the different avenues you can take on your renewable energy journey,

Image provided by Vibes Energy

“We offer residential, commercial, and agricultural grid-tied systems and off-grid systems to the cottage and cabin-country clients. We also do a bunch of battery backup services and maintenance for these systems.”

Solar power in the city is grid-tied, and there are several different types of battery backups to store additional energy. If not kept in these batteries, extra power is diverted to Manitoba Hydro’s grid. With Vibes Energy, they ask for a year’s worth of energy consumption from Manitoba Hydro to match an appropriate system to your building. From here, Reanna and Imran will guide you through the process and take the steps necessary to build your PV system. 

Are you planning on growing your family or business? Vibes Energy has scalable systems to expand your solar input when the time is right for you. Reanna and Imran recommend that their customers look at Efficiency Manitoba for rebates such as the Solar Rebate Program; homeowners can receive up to $5,000 and business owners up to $25,000 for installing solar PV systems. Additionally, Vibes Energy takes charge of reducing stress and increasing customer savings by applying for the Solar Rebate Program themselves. 

“We’re excited to see what this season brings to us because it will be the first season where there are great rebates and incentives for clients to save money and pursue their journey that they’re going on,” says Reanna.

So make sure to check out Vibes Energy Inc. if you’re thinking about reducing your energy bill and increasing your property value. 

Interested in featuring your business in an upcoming Sustainability Spotlight or learning more about how we can help you reach your sustainability goals? Contact Casey Clair, our Energy and Climate Advocate, to get started today!

*Images provided with permission from Vibes Energy.

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