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Sustainability Spotlight- EasyEV

October 11, 2022

4-minute read
Written by Casey Clair, Energy and Climate Advocate

Community-based sustainability is a key strategy in developing flourishing eco-conscious businesses. At The Chamber, it is important for us to promote sustainable businesses and their green initiatives. In our Sustainability Spotlights, we will shift our focus towards sustainable practices and the people that adopt and amplify them.

Our first Sustainability Spotlight is on Marc Beghin, Founder of EasyEV Inc.– Manitoba’s first solely dedicated electric vehicle [EV] charger sales and installation company. Marc is familiar with the automotive industry having previously worked with Crown Automotive Group and Pinnacle Auto Group, which includes Mercedes-Benz Winnipeg. He became interested in the EV business after anticipating the needs of the future consumer. Cutting the cost of fuel as well as the reduction in annual maintenance costs allows families to save money and recycle it throughout the community.

“EasyEV was created to help the adoption of electric vehicles and bridge the gap for consumers large and small. I wanted to create a business that had virtuous elements I admired,” said Marc. “Things such as, a positive environmental impact and a meaningful product that provides genuine value for families and businesses of Winnipeg and Manitoba.”

Photo provided by Marc Beghin, image by Fernando Trujillo.

This is one example of sustainability that benefits not only the planet but creates sustainable routines that benefit us and our environment. 

Officially launched in June 2021, EasyEV offers not only Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and installation, but also provides free consultations and handles the electrical permit process for you. Marc is partnered with certified red-seal electricians and channel partners from the electric vehicle industry who are able to help fit your home or business with the right EVSE. Businesses can install electric vehicle supply equipment and benefit from the Government of Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP).  EasyEV is willing to work with you through your EV charging station installation process and is able to provide you with the proper supply equipment without issue. 

Expanding current electric fleets and normalizing electric charging stations are the first steps in this process, “In Manitoba and Winnipeg we need to see more adoption from small and medium-sized businesses,” says Marc “We’re working to build those relationships,”. Small businesses are crucial in this transition as they are quickly able to approve and adapt to changes that could stagnate in the decision-making process of a large corporation. Manitoba’s electric grid is already built on renewable energy, electrifying our transportation is one of the next steps so that, “Manitoba can be leaders and Winnipeg can be a leader on the global stage of a sustainable, non-carbon emitting economy.” 

For further information on EasyEV products and installation services you can contact Marc by phone (431) 999-3279 or email [email protected].  For updates on Efficiency Manitoba programs please contact Casey at The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce by phone (204) 688-1304 or email [email protected].

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