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State of the Province Address Recap

December 18, 2023

3- minute read

Photography by Tanner Banas

On December 7, 2023, Premier Wab Kinew delivered his inaugural State of the Province address to a sold-out crowd of over 1,300 business leaders at the RBC Convention Centre.

During his address, the Premier emphasized his government’s commitment to setting the conditions for economic growth, including maintaining a balanced budget, providing the right mix of incentives and economic conditions, and fostering collaboration within the broader community.

The Premier stressed the importance of a strong relationship between the province and the business sector for economic growth, announcing the establishment of the Premier’s Business and Jobs Council, which is dedicated to advising the province on cultivating a robust economy.

Congratulations to our Chamber President and CEO, Loren Remillard, who was invited to join this Council to provide insights from the business community to develop a clear economic strategy for Manitoba.

Premier’s Engagement with Winnipeg Chamber Board

Photography by Tanner Banas

On December 7, Premier Kinew met with The Winnipeg Chamber Board of Directors, engaging in an open and transparent dialogue about Budget 2024, downtown Winnipeg, workforce development, tax policy, hydrogen, and clean technology procurement.

Premier Kinew and Winnipeg Chamber President and CEO Loren Remillard committed to meeting regularly to discuss and bring awareness to the challenges and opportunities of Winnipeg’s business community.

Premier’s Engagement with High School Students

On the morning of the State of the Province Address, The Winnipeg Chamber hosted a meeting with Premier Kinew and nine high school students from Argyle and Oak Park High Schools. For nearly an hour, the students raised their questions, voicing their concerns and gaining valuable insights from the Premier.

Questions ranged from tackling environmental challenges and the shortage of first responders to increasing resources for additional issues in Manitoba to providing more recreational spaces for youth in Winnipeg and rural communities.

Photography by Tanner Banas

“I found it incredibly special to be part of the Chamber of Commerce event where many VIPs were present. I especially found it very exclusive that I was allowed to ask the premier a direct question.”- Student

“I’d also like to especially thank the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce for organizing this dynamic gathering, creating a platform for valuable interactions. The experience was truly inspiring, leaving a lasting impression.”- Student


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