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Shop Our Local Holiday Gift Guide

December 15, 2021

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Check out our recap of our Shop Local Holiday Campaign so far to find some great gift ideas, holiday party locations and more

Our Shop Local Campaign is all about promoting local Chamber members during the holiday season. It was important for me to emphasize howare operating differently this year now that we’re back to being in-person. Similar to last year’s “12 Days of Local”, the idea was to post themed local businesses for 10 days. I hope this campaign encourages you to support local businesses during the holidays and continue to do so into the new year. 

Keep scrolling to read the first seven days! 


Day 1: Marketing Forum and Local Holiday Market Vendors – Part 1

 Day one of the campaign was all about our vendors at our Small Business Forum + Shop Local Market! We had such a fun time sharing cheese samples with Chaeban, getting excited about rock climbing at The Hive booth and getting the cutest holiday gifts at Flower and Flour. Check out the full list here! 

Day 2: Marketing Forum and Local Holiday Market Vendors – Part 2

Similar to day one, I listed the second half of the forum’s vendors. At our Small Business Forum + Shop Local Market I was able to see all the beautiful bottles Patent 5 Distillery puts their premium spirits and craft cocktails in. Alongside them, RaY Winnipeg had the most colourful booth set to display all the impactful work they do for the community. 

Day 3: Shop Local Directories

Day three’s focus was on a few special local directories that, similar to The Chamber, spend their time promoting local businesses. Love Local MB offers delicious goods from so many local makers. Made Here MB also displays an array of items from local artisans and makers, but manages to donate all the profits right back to them. GoodLocal is a one-stop shop commission free organization, who’s currently available online and in-person for the public. 

Day 4: Health and Wellness 

After this past year, I thought a day focused on the local businesses that offer health and wellness services was crucial. The businesses I included consist of mental health, relaxation, and beauty resources — to cater to each individual. The full list consists of: Thermea Spa, Bare Body Sugaring, Kelburn Recovery Centre, Lola’s Beauty Gallery, Clubhouse Winnipeg, and Spa Botanica. All lovely businesses working to make sure you’re healthy and happy this winter. 

Day 5: Local Holiday Activities

Since spending time with others in public is more than possible this holiday season, I wanted to encourage folks to do just that. Kendrick’s Outdoor Adventures is especially known for their “Fat Bike” that’s gaining a lot of traction with Winnipeggers. Activate Games is known for their challenging group activities which are perfect for days you want to stay active indoors. Last, but not least, is Fort Whyte Alive who offer the perfect nature experience. 

Day 6: For all the Foodies

Day six was for those who have a love for cooking and eating, or simply know a loved one who does. Starting with Aroma Bistro, who offers delicious take-out services and take home products such as a homemade chilli oil sauce. Frescolio offers the most decadent ingredients for those who love to create their own meals at home. Cookie Craving Co. is for all those who crave a little something sweet after dinner, and they offer rich handmade stuffed cookies. Black Market Provisions is the one-stop shop wrapped into one diverse local market filled with products to please everyone.

Day 7: White Elephant Gift Giving

Day seven, is day one of the office holiday gift guide. On this day the focus was on anonymous gift giving and how it can often be the most difficult. With that in mind I hand picked a few gift options from local shops that would please any type of co-worker. Listed on the post is Coal and Canary, Generation Green, Out of the Blue, and Grace and Company Ltd. They make it easy and enjoyable to do holiday shopping!

Follow along for the next three days to see what else the campaign has to offer and of course, to encourage the importance of supporting local businesses during the holiday season!



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