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Q+A with King’s Head Pub: September Member MeetUp

September 13, 2020

Many in-person events have been cancelled, but the King’s Head Pub is ensuring safety so Winnipeggers are able to get back together again. Since some of the gathering restrictions have lifted, the King’s Head has done it’s part to provide a clean space, while also providing it’s usual fun and laid back style.

We chatted with owner Chris Graves, to share a bit more about the King’s Head Pub.
The King’s Head has such a rich history in The Exchange – can you share more about your business story?
The Kings Head Pub is the oldest established pub in Winnipeg MB. I am the third owner of the Kings Head. The original owner sold to Jay Khanuja (and she eventually opened up Toad in the Hole). Jay built the Kings Head from a 40 seat pub to what it is today…over 400. I have owned the pub for almost 3 years now….who would have known…a maritimer owning one of the most well known spots in Winnipeg MBWhat excites you about what you do?
I enjoy that every day is a different day. I love being able to help shape employees lives and their perspectives. I had a mentor in the hospitality industry many years ago that really had a strong influence on my life. It was the moment when I was told it was ok to be in the hospitality industry as a career. Many people look at it as a minimum wage job or a job that someone does because they could not do something else. This is not the story I tell my staff. It is a great career, and if not a career and amazing opportunity to learn so many different things to guide you further into life.You have been in the news quite a bit recently for really advocating for the safety of your staff and patrons, why has it been important to you to get your message out?
My staff and patrons are, of course, the most important things to the King’s Head. Without any of that we would have nothing. It is important that we show everyone that we can that we are doing everything we possibly can to keep people safe. Unfortunately we have not received a lot of direction from the government so we have done a lot of outside consulting on what we need to do to be safe.What measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of your staff and patrons because of COVID concerns?
You will be required to sanitize at the door. You would be required to show Identification at the door to ensure you are able to come into the Kings Head (it is a very tight screening process). Our servers and bartenders will be wearing masks. Our bathrooms are cleaned every 20-30 minutes. We have an outside cleaning company that comes in daily and completely disinfects our entire pub. We have stayed at less than 50% in the pub and tables socially distanced. These are just a few things that we are doing to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep people safeWhat can members look forward to by coming to the September MeetUp at the King’s Head?
It is still going to be a relaxed pub-like atmosphere. The food is great and the beer is still cold and a lot of it is still very local. Familiar faces are still at the Kings Head as we were able to keep many of our staff employed when we transitioned to Grocery delivery service throughout the shutdown.


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