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Montufar-MacKay is ready to pave the way as Chair

October 4, 2023

4-minute read
Written by Jess Borys, Communications Manager

Photography by Mike Sudoma

Looking ahead to her upcoming year as Board Chair, Dr. Jeannette Montufar-MacKay summed up her hopes for the year in three words: Vision, Collaboration, and Transformation. These words offer a glimpse into the exciting and transformative road ahead.

Jeannette is the CEO and Founding Partner of MORR Transportation Consulting Ltd., a transportation engineering firm in Winnipeg and co-founder of Trainfo, a technology startup. She’s also a registered professional engineer. 

Jeannette also spent nearly 15 years as a professor in Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba. After leaving the university, Jeannette took another route to focus on her consulting business and facilitate other entrepreneurial and philanthropic opportunities. It was then her relationship with The Chamber was born. 

“Being a Chamber member, I found that there are so many opportunities and services that I had no idea existed. It opened up a lot of doors. Having a network of people to talk to and learn from has been beneficial.” – said Jeannette.

Jeannette Montufar-MacKay and Mark Jones.- Photography by Mike Sudoma

Her entrepreneurial ventures opened doors and provided insights into businesses’ intricate needs and challenges- something she hopes to bring to her year as Chair. 

“Sitting on The Chamber Board since 2019 has made me aware of the significant opportunities for the Winnipeg Chamber to play a visible role in society,” said Jeannette.

“But remember, we are not only here for businesses; yes, businesses are our priority, but we are members of a larger community. Being good community members, neighbours, and contributors to society is fundamental to us and The Chamber as a whole.”

As Jeannette looks back on Mark’s season as Chair, she wants to continue to grow on the work he has already started. 

“Mark has done a great job as Chair for the last year, and I applaud him for his work,” said Jeannette. “I look forward to connecting with business leaders and elected officials to continue to deliver our message and advance our business community. I am ready to start working towards the next 150 years.”

Photography by Mike Sudoma

As Jeannette embarks on her year as chair, she envisions a Winnipeg that thrives economically and is a vibrant, livable space for all. She said, “If the social challenges are not addressed, the economy cannot flourish.” This year promises to be more than a chapter in The Chamber’s history; it’s a narrative of collaboration, transformation, and a vision for a better Winnipeg.

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