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Merging business goals and corporate giving

February 13, 2017

More and more, businesses look to partnership opportunities when determining their charitable and sponsorship goals – and they’re asking their employees to help make this decision.

Requests are coming from every direction. Want to sponsor a golf tournament? A gala? An event? A walk? How about a run? Most are creating a positive impact, worthy of your corporate support. Where do you begin?

Times have changed. While brand differentiation was once the primary driver for companies to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), today, it’s common practice. CSR has evolved from traditional generic “philanthropic giving” to a more strategic focus of effort related to business objectives – with a focus on impact. Forward thinking companies have become more strategic in their use of “CSR”, creating competitive, innovative, and profitable opportunities.

Engaging your employees in the selection of your corporate charitable values and the selection of your charities is a positive team building effort. Your team is given the opportunity to share their community interests and passions and incorporate them into their work environment. This type of employee engagement not only helps you to determine your company’s philanthropic and sponsorship priorities but also helps you to encourage employees’ engagement with the charity as a personal donor, an event fundraiser or volunteer opportunities like potential board or committee involvement. It also helps to ensure that you as a team outline your expectations for the charity in the partnership. Your employees will come to expect accountability from the charity like impact reporting, and meaningful engagement like tours, updates, educational opportunities or group volunteer opportunities.

With a proper strategic and team approach to your charitable giving, the impact of your support will be stronger – for your business and your community.

​Mary Beth Taylor, CFRE
President & Chief Fundraising Strategist
The Creaddo Group
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