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Member Success Story: Jonato Dalayoan

December 10, 2020

Graphic design was never supposed to be Canadian Filipino artist, Jonato Dalayoan’s career. His plan was to do it for a while, then go back to school to become an industrial designer and even thought of becoming an aircraft mechanic, but he knew he had to continue to peruse these talents.

“I was really burnt out and tired of design in general and just sitting around all day,” said Jonato. “But I think too many people take their gifts they’re blessed with for granted. Imagine how much better our world would be if everyone used their gifts?”

Mural designed and installed for The Beer Can this past summer. Located beside the Fortune Block on 203 Main Street.

Jonato is the owner of 4two Design Inc., a Winnipeg-based Graphic Design company. He creates logos, designs and beautiful murals that are scattered throughout our city.

Here at The Chamber, we commissioned Jonato to create a mural for our office window to coincide with our Reimagine campaign. For Jonato, his inspiration and direction on this piece were all about our city and how businesses and the people have reimagined their businesses and lives.

“This mural isn’t about me, it was for the people of Winnipeg,” smiled Jonato. “My inspiration came from asking myself, what do we as a city need right now?”

Photography by Mike Sudoma

The Reimagine piece was created to help create a sense of energy and hope in our city through colour and design.

“We forget how resilient we are sometimes and we just need a reminder that we have a lot to be thankful for here in our city, let alone our country,” said Jonato. “My goal was to create a mural that also represented what I personally envision our city to be. I jotted down words like healthy, community, inclusive, culture, unity, diversity, accessibility, present, future, adapt, evolve, local, worldly, home, hub, sustainability, love, hope, joy, etc. All things that I think we are and need more of.”

What’s the process? Where does Jonato find direction on his pieces? Well, he doesn’t have to look far as his daughter is that person for him.

Mural inspired by our four seasons, created for the Manitoba 150 Celebration in collaboration with Synonym Art Consultants. Located on the south-facing side of the Forks Market.

“From a young age, she had a sense of what was cool and what wasn’t,” laughed Jonato. “So whenever she comes up to my computer when I’m working on something I watch her face. If I don’t get a reaction, that means it’s not great. While I was working on the Reimagine piece, she came up to me and said, ‘wow, that’s cool’ and so I just ran with it.”

Jonato always pictured himself as a behind the scenes type of person, but his incredible work speaks for itself! He also has a passion for giving back, portions of his commissioned pieces go towards different charities to help bring awareness to these important initiatives. Jonato donated a portion of the Reimagine mural proceeds to the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities.

Photography by Mike Sudoma

“Looking back over the years, I never would have thought someone would want to interview me for my graphic design work,” smiled Jonato. “I am so excited about the future and having had the opportunity to do this piece for The Chamber and the potential doors it may open. It’s on Portage ave! That’s pretty cool.”

Jonato joined The Chamber because of the people. As a new member, Jonato is looking forward to the future and what lies ahead for him and his membership.

“I am looking forward to seeing what The Chamber is all about, but I already know it will be great because of the people,” smiled Jonato. “The Chamber is going to help build personal and business relationships, which will hopefully lead to business down the road.”

#ReimagineWPG recognizes Winnipeg business owners who have embraced the change forced upon them by today’s global pandemic to ultimately spark innovative business plans and achieve unexpected success.

Check out our Reimagine Resource Hub where you’ll find resources, real-life stories, and virtual events to help you embrace change and reimagine the future of your business.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your business. You want to see your business succeed and grow and that’s why we’re here.

Providing a platform to help local businesses in Winnipeg thrive is what we stand for – whether it’s advocating for you, connecting you with the right people at the right time or setting you up with the support and programs you need to grow.

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