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How are you Celebrating Small Business Week?

October 20, 2021

Happy Small Business Week!

This week is a celebration of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized business owners across Canada. We asked four of our Chamber staff to share how they’re supporting small businesses this week and beyond.

“Over the last year and a half, shops and restaurants have come up with creative ways to engage with their customers and stay in business through a difficult time. Let’s show how much we appreciate it! This year, I’ve started my holiday shopping WAY earlier than prior years and have decided to only buy from local small businesses. There’s something about a gift being local that makes it that much more special.”– Sean Angus, Business Development Coordinator

“This week, we’re celebrating two birthdays of loved ones and they also share my love for supporting local. So, I have some great local gifts lined up for them, and we will be ordering local take-out for their dinners. And ahead of the holiday season, I’m always keeping an eye out for cute gifts I can buy from local stores. Another way I will be supporting local small businesses is by leaving reviews, taking a picture, and posting on my social media and any other ways I can spread the news about them! This helps get them exposure and potentially other customers.”– Sanjana Vijayann, Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Small Businesses are the heart and soul of the business community. Though they are called “small” businesses, they are a mighty force and essence of any economy. The past year and a half has been tough for our community, especially for small businesses. As we embark on the journey of recovery, it is essential we support them this week and in future! As I plan a trip back to Pakistan with my family, I am doing the majority of the gift shopping from local businesses as a way to give back!”– Saad Zubairi, Membership Sales Manager

“My plan to support Small Business Week: Currently I am looking for a caterer/restaurant for an upcoming party. As well, I’ve already planned some holiday shopping with local shops, as introduced through Good Local. This spring, I am looking to engage an event planner for an (home) event next spring. So many industries need our support now more than ever. I always check our member directory, Bizzz.ca, for my personal & work needs here for The Chamber. It’s a great habit to start and best place to find a business to support! Do it!!”– Anne Bakuska, Director of Membership Development


We are encouraging businesses to create or update their profile on Bizzz.ca, our brand new business directory! Bizzz is where you can find local and credible professional services and goods worth buzzing about!

Those who fill out their profile and complete our contest consent form by November 9, will be entered to win 1 of 3 cash prizes for your business!

Prizes includes:
1st Prize – $1,000
2nd Prize – $500
3rd Prize – $250

Enter to win by following these three steps:

  1. A Winnipeg business owner or staff member must complete an accurate and official business profile on Bizzz.ca.
  2. Once your profile is complete, fill out the contest consent form on our Contest Page.
  3. Share your profile on social media for a bonus entry.

The contest is open to both Chamber members and non-Chamber members. Learn more.

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