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Get to Know our RRC Polytech Interns

December 14, 2021

4-minute read

Here at The Chamber, we have had the pleasure of having two wonderful RRC Polytech interns over the past month. We sat down with them to hear a bit more about their experience at The Chamber and their hopes for their future careers.

Get to know Kyra and Camryn below:

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce (WCC): How has your time at The Chamber been so far?

Kyra De La Ronde (KD) Community Development student: My time at the chamber has been wonderful, I have learnt so much in the month I have been here and I have been able to connect with so many people in the field. Being a Community Development student, I have been so honoured to have participated in a small part of the CODE program and cannot wait to see it grow within our Winnipeg Business community.



Camryn Smith (CS) Creative Communications Student: Throughout my time at The Chamber I’ve gotten many opportunities to attend events and network with people in the Winnipeg business community. What’s made my experience the most special is the staff and the welcoming environment they’ve provided me with throughout the past three weeks. Being a communications student alongside many other RRC graduates at The Chamber has made learning and picking up skills so enjoyable for me. I know they’ll help me with my future.


WCC: As a student graduating in 2022, what has been your biggest worry about entering the workforce?

CS: Coming out into the workforce in 2022, my biggest concern is finding a job I’m passionate about. This is a concern for me only because I know how innovative and driven my classmates are. Knowing that a lot of us will be competing for jobs occasionally worries me, but I know there are many jobs out there for all of us so I’m working to change this.

KD: As my entire college experience has been through the pandemic, I have worries regarding working in a post-covid environment, entering my professional career in such unknowing times is something that I am very conscious of. Adaptability and flexibility are two skills I am working on to be prepared for my career to begin.


WCC: How has The Chamber helped you?

KD: The Chamber has given me the opportunity to step into my own within a professional environment. I have been given space to have trial and error while being fully supported by an amazing team throughout the entire time. I feel as though I have been able to participate in discussions, attend events, and grow my network and without The Chamber I would not have been able to have these opportunities as an intern.

CS: The Chamber has helped push me out of my comfort zone in terms of the work I create and has helped me to be confident knowing I’m just as qualified for a job as anyone else. Being able to attend important events and meet business professionals has helped me work on my networking skills and build relationships for my future.


WCC: What are three things you learned over the course of your work placement that you will take with you in your career?

CS: One main thing I’ve learned over the course of my work placement is that teamwork and collaboration with your workplace peers can be the most effective way of ensuring success with a project. I’ve also learned that the more passionate you feel towards the work you’re creating, the less it feels like work.

The Chamber has really shown me how success can come from enjoying what you do. The final takeaway I have is that I learned is the importance of building a solid team and what needs to go on behind the scenes to ensure comfortability and inclusion for all staff members.

KD: The three things I have learnt during my internship that I will continue to take forward with me in my career are the importance of networking, a deeper understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and my new knowledge of how the Winnipeg business community is entering the post-covid era and how my skills can be applied and create meaningful change.

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