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Engaging Youth at the State of the Province Address

January 3, 2024

4 minute read

Students from two local high schools had the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion with Premier Wab Kinew, hosted by Dr. Jeannette Montufar-MacKay on Thursday, December 8. Following the roundtable, the students attended the State of the Province luncheon.

Here are some reflections written by Grade 11 students from Oak Park High School’s Accounting Essentials class:

  • I’m grateful for engaging in conversations with Premier Wab Kinew and connecting with over a thousand vibrant business leaders at the recent event. I’d also like to especially thank The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce for organizing this dynamic gathering, creating a platform for valuable interactions. The experience was truly inspiring, leaving a lasting impression. In appreciation for the collective efforts that made this event a success. – G.S.
  • I wanted to first say thank you for giving my classmates and I a chance to meet Premier Wab Kinew. I really enjoyed speaking with and hearing from Mr. Kinew and the knowledge he had to pass on to younger generations such as myself. I learned a lot and how important it is to vote. I’ve found myself taking time listening and learning about politics recently. It was a great experience meeting all the people at the event and listening to everyone’s stories and how everyone is different with different advice to pass on. – C.B.
  • I found it incredibly special to be part of The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce event where many VIPs were present. I especially found it very exclusive that I was allowed to ask the premier a direct question. It was also very engaging to be able to check out the booths of multiple businesses and learn about quality-of-life improvements and how business people sell or improve the efficiency of their business. The lunch was particularly delicious, and it felt special being in a room during a speech by the Premier. – E.G.
  • I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet with Premier Kinew. I really appreciated how casual the meeting was and how easy it was to speak with him. As for the lunch after the meeting, it was very intriguing to interact with all the different types of business folks who attended. The experience I had from the day was truly inspiring and impacted my view on certain business and political topics. Having the opportunity to have these conversations, I found was crucial for the future for the people of Manitoba. – C.C.
  •  I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion with Premier Wab Kinew and ask him a question. I enjoyed having a discussion with him and listening to my peers’ discussion with him. I was fascinated by all the different booths at the luncheon and enjoyed talking to the different business people. They were very knowledgeable and answered many questions. I am grateful to have heard the Premier’s speech during the luncheon and I’m excited to see what he and his caucus will accomplish during their term in office. Thanks for the opportunity. – A.M.V

It was such a memorable day! Thank you to the students who participated and to their teachers for coordinating their attendance.

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