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Efficiency Manitoba Program Spotlight – Winnipeg Soccer Federation

March 12, 2024

3-minute read 

Written by Casey Clair, Energy and Climate Advocate 

Have you been looking to brighten your business? We chatted with the Winnipeg Soccer Federation about how they used Efficiency Manitoba’s Business Lighting Program to save thousands. 

Photo provided by Efficiency Manitoba.

For the Winnipeg Soccer Federation, Facilities Manager Kory Stagg and Mike Taylor, the installer from Wired Up Electric Ltd., found the potential for huge savings when Kory asked Mike for a quote, and Mike suggested that he apply for the Business Lighting Program. 

“Mike from Wired Up Electric came to quote the field lights and suggested we upgrade the lighting in the whole facility. While he was here, he said there are commercial lighting upgrade incentives available through Efficiency Manitoba… I had to replace or repair lights frequently throughout the winter season. It’s our busiest season, and since the upgrades I haven’t had to repair any. Maintenance has been free so far!” 

Then, after their lighting supplier, EECOL Electric submitted their application and it was approved, Wired Up Electric was able to install the new lighting.

The Winnipeg Soccer Federation will now save over $13,000 annually on their energy bills and more than 260,000 kWh each year.

The project began in August 2023 to upgrade lighting in the common areas, and the second phase was completed in October 2023 for the indoor soccer field. Kory’s advice for businesses who are unsure about investing in lighting upgrades,

Photo provided by Efficiency Manitoba.

“Just go for it. If you can financially do it right now, make the change because these incentives are the real deal. I think sometimes people read about these programs and the cost savings and aren’t sure, but we’re seeing the benefits already. I encourage everyone to make the change to LED to start saving.”

Want to see if the Business Lighting Program is a fit for you? There are rebates available for businesses in the agricultural, commercial, and industrial sectors. Have a conversation with The Chamber’s Energy and Climate Advocate, Casey Clair, for more information on how you can save money and energy for your business today. 


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