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Efficiency Manitoba Program Spotlight – 204 Capital Inc.

May 21, 2024

3-minute read 

Written by Casey Clair, Energy and Climate Advocate

How do you boost your energy efficiency and save money on your utility bill at the same time?

One Winnipeg organization is making it happen by harnessing the power of multiple Efficiency Manitoba programs at once.

In 2023, 204 Capital Inc. took advantage of the Business Lighting Program and the Building Envelope Program. These Efficiency Manitoba programs allowed them to upgrade their coworking space at 65 Dewdney Avenue and rake in huge annual energy savings. 

It began with an application back in January 2023. 204 Capital Inc. had just discovered Efficiency Manitoba at our Chamber Luncheon booth. Richard McAlpine, owner and operator of 204 Capital Inc., quickly saw the value of retrofitting the organization’s coworking space.

Image provided by Efficiency Manitoba.

“Nothing changes until we invest in the city…The time to do our part is now, if not 25 years ago.” said McAlpine.

Within a few weeks of submitting their application, it was approved.

Through the Business Lighting Program, they received a $6,505 in incentives for 155 new LED light fixtures. These fixtures were installed in boardrooms, hallways, and offices. Plus, they installed new occupancy sensors in washrooms, offices, and hallways, so their lights will automatically shut off when nobody’s using them.

It’s estimated that they’ll save over 41,000 kWh of electricity each year. This amounts to over $2,000 in yearly bill savings for 204 Capital Inc.  

On top of retrofitting their lighting, they needed to upgrade their building envelope to make the space more energy efficient and comfortable. Through the Building Envelope Program, they received $2,700 in incentives for purchasing and installing 8,000 square feet of exterior wall insulation. This helps make people more comfortable, reduces heating and cooling costs, and improves the value of their building. Plus, these upgrades will save them approximately 8,073 kWh of electricity per year, translating to around $1,500 in yearly bill savings. 

Image provided by Efficiency Manitoba.

By the time the project was completed in April 2023, 204 Capital Inc. had receiveda combined incentive of $9,205 for their upgrades. They’ll also save around 49,000 kWh of electricity each year between the lighting and building envelope retrofits, translating to over $3,500 in yearly bill savings.   

“We would 100% use the program again and would recommend it to everybody,” said McAlpine.

If you’re looking to upgrade your lighting or insulation and fenestration systems in your commercial space, check out Efficiency Manitoba for rebates first. Have any questions? Please reach out to our energy and climate advocate, Casey Clair, for more details and find your energy savings today!  


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