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Celebrate Earth Month Year-Round

May 8, 2023

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Written by Casey Clair, Energy & Climate Advocate

Take a look at some of Efficiency Manitoba’s programs to save money and celebrate Earth Month year-round! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your appliances, upgrade your HVAC system, or insulate your business, there are rebates for you. Efficiency Manitoba regularly offers new ways to increase energy efficiency across the province. 

Start Small 

Small Business 

Efficiency Manitoba’s Small Business Program is one of The Chamber’s most commonly recommended commercial programs. Members can save water and energy with a free Basic Upgrade. The Basic Upgrade includes installation of screw-in LED bulbs, bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators, pre-rinse valves, and showerheads, as well as a lighting and attic insulation assessment to see if you’d benefit from a Premium Upgrade through the program – all at no cost. 

Don’t qualify? Don’t worry!

Your project might align better with the Business Lighting Program or Building Envelope Program

Commercial Refrigeration

If your business relies on refrigeration, you’re no stranger to high monthly bills. Efficiency Manitoba can help you change that. Their Commercial Refrigeration Program offers incentives on 11 types of refrigeration upgrades to help you reduce energy usage and product spoilage, saving you money each month. Some of those upgrades include new display cases, night covers, strip curtains, door gaskets, LED lighting, compressors and more. If this sounds like something your business would benefit from, apply today!

Dream Big

Custom Energy Solutions

If you have a commercial, industrial, or agricultural facility, you might find that energy bills and the cost of system maintenance are incredibly high. If you’re unsure of where to start renovating and want to make your business more environmentally sustainable, consider Efficiency Manitoba’s Custom Energy Solutions Program. You can undergo a feasibility study conducted by a third party and receive a rebate of up 50% (maximum $20,000) of the total cost from Efficiency Manitoba. This is an optional step to gain insight into the different energy-saving opportunities available to your business. Afterwards, Efficiency Manitoba will help you measure your newfound energy savings in order to distribute their performance-based incentives. These paybacks are based on the amount of electricity per kilowatt or natural gas per cubic metre that you’ll save annually upon retrofitting your business. 

If you have a commercial, industrial, or agricultural facility, you might find that your energy bills are incredibly high. If you want to save energy and money and make your business more environmentally sustainable, consider Efficiency Manitoba’s Custom Energy Solutions Program. This program offers technical assistance and financial incentives to help you implement your energy-saving project. Incentives are performance-based, so the more electricity or natural gas your project saves, the higher your incentive will be. Efficiency Manitoba’s subject matter experts will help you throughout the process by filling out applications, estimating energy savings and implementing a measurement and verification plan. Projects must focus on end-use systems such as compressed air, pumps and fans, industrial refrigeration, process heating, and plant-wide energy management. If you have an energy-saving project in mind, but you need to better understand your options and costs, consider having a 3rd party consultant perform a Feasibility Study first. Efficiency Manitoba offers a rebate of 50% of the study cost, up to a maximum incentive of $20,000. A Feasibility Study can quantify the technical viability, potential energy savings, and overall project economics. 

Innovation Fund

If you’re dreaming big and have your own ideas to improve energy efficiency in the province, Efficiency Manitoba wants to help through their Innovation Fund. There is a Technology Demonstration Stream for new or emerging energy-efficient technologies in Manitoba. This stream is perfect for those product developers and manufacturers who are ready to field test their product(s) or demonstrate their effectiveness in the Manitoba context. Then there’s the Market Capacity Stream for distributors, market support services, customer groups, et cetera. This funding stream is designed to find innovative ways to reduce barriers to entering or expanding the Manitoba market and improve the understanding of energy-efficient technology in the province. See if your proposal falls into either of these categories and ask about the Innovation Fund today!

Efficiency Manitoba has tons of exciting offers to help reduce power consumption. If you have a project in mind and want to increase your savings, have a chat with The Chamber’s Energy & Climate Advocate, Casey Clair, to see what fits your business.

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