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5 reasons to choose energy efficiency

February 7, 2023

5-minute read
Written by Casey Clair, Energy & Climate Advocate

Are you thinking about incorporating energy-efficient upgrades into your business?

There are many advantages when upgrading your building’s existing lighting, windows, doors, and insulation. For example, when you replace outdated windows with triple-pane ENERGY STAR® certified windows, you not only reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home but also improve comfortability, lower your energy bills and environmental impact, and increase your property value.

Efficiency Manitoba has plenty of programs that allow business owners to take into their own hands the types of replacements and rebates that they want to benefit from in the long term.

1. Reduced Energy Consumption

LED lighting and updated insulation reduce your building’s energy consumption over time. LED bulbs have much longer lifespans than their older compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and halogen bulb counterparts while also demanding less wattage for better lighting, making them a solid option for brightening your business. For heat retention, older buildings tend to have less insulation. Getting an assessment and resealing cavities in your walls and attic will reduce your energy consumption. 

2. Comfort

Being comfortable in the workplace is essential for staff and customers. 

How is this achieved? Taking advantage of programs to upgrade windows, doors, and insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature in your office. If your business is a bit drafty and you want to enjoy more of your workspace, consider Efficiency Manitoba’s Building Envelope Program.

3. Lower Energy Bills

Reducing the energy consumed throughout your building saves you money in the long run. Combining Efficiency Manitoba rebates, such as the Business Lighting Program or Building Envelope Program, with your yearly cost savings when you upgrade lighting or insulation will quickly pay off.

Are you interested in solar power?

Check out Efficiency Manitoba’s new Solar Rebate Program and find out how to minimize your hydroelectric bill and get your money back for installing a photovoltaic system in your building.

4. Decrease Environmental Impact

Incorporating simple, cost-effective technology into the workspace is already a sustainable decision. Commercial buildings that reduce their usage of hydroelectricity and natural gas lower the demand for more hydroelectric dams and natural gas pipelines. Keeping buildings up to date can shrink your business’s carbon footprint. 

5. Increase Property Value

If you need another reason to update your workplace, think about the increase in property value, specifically when you install new windows, doors, and insulation. Refurbished openings in your building will give the exterior a sleek and modern feel. In addition, properly insulating your business against fluctuating temperatures saves future property owners the hassle of doing it themselves. Consider Efficiency Manitoba programs that could help increase the value of your business, such as our Business Lighting Program, Building Envelope Program, or the Small Business Program for small business owners keen on updating their lighting and insulation. 

Want to keep the conversation going? 

Reach out to The Chamber’s Energy & Climate Advocate, Casey Clair, for more information on Efficiency Manitoba programs or to chat about our Sustainability Spotlight.

Connect with Casey by phone: (204) 688-1304 or email: [email protected], or come and see the Efficiency Manitoba booth at our next Membership Luncheon: The Secret of Community-Led Growth on February 16, 2023.

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