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150 Member Stories: Building Community Through Caring

November 7, 2023

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Written by Jess Borys, Communications Manager

As we continue celebrating our 150th birthday, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce is excited to celebrate our rich history by sharing the stories of our members. We hope that by sharing these stories, we can inspire and engage current and future members to continue building a strong and vibrant business community in Winnipeg.

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Image provided by Reanna Khan Creative

Being a part of the community is engraved in everything Kimberley Kiemeney does. Whether within her work life at Homecare Solutions for Everyone (HSE), attending or volunteering at community-focused events or serving as a Winnipeg Chamber Ambassador, giving back is intrinsic to Kimberley’s identity.

“In all aspects of my life, I believe in working with purpose and dedication to achieve dreams while being a leader in building a community through caring,” said Kimberley.

“At HSE, we actively engage in our community through sponsorship, volunteering, and attending events for organizations. I’ve served as the Entertainment Chair of Teddy Bear Picnic for 25 years and have been fundraising for various organizations for 15 years. I am currently actively involved in roles such as Director for the Winnipeg Women’s Conference, Ambassador for the Winnipeg Women’s Community, and a member of Hustle and Charm, as well as a business member with The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and The Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba.”

Kimberley serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Client Care Manager at HSE, offering professional and compassionate homecare and childcare services in Winnipeg. As a dedicated Winnipeg-based business, they see homes as central hubs for support and empowerment, where they bring together healthcare, technology, and community resources to enhance physical health, emotional well-being, cognitive stimulation, and social engagement.

Image provided by Homecare Solutions for Everyone

Her role at HSE is to implement their vision of “Building Community Through Caring,” fostering opportunities for engagement, support, volunteering, and active participation within our city. This involves connecting their clients with the vital resources they require. 

“To deliver the finest care, I collaborate with community partners, families, and resources to craft highly personalized care plans tailored to each client and their family. HSE’s approach is holistic, aimed at providing comprehensive family support rather than just task-based assistance,” said Kiemeney.

Kimberley joined the HSE team on July 4, 2023. While her career in homecare started only six and a half years ago, she has over 13 years in childcare, 30 years in management, and extensive time as a family caregiver. She is committed to continuously enhancing her knowledge and expertise by enrolling in courses offered by organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Society, Childcare Services, Truth and Reconciliation training, and Compassionate Care courses through Palliative MB. This dedication allows her to support clients and their families better.

Photography by Mike Sudoma

Throughout her career, Kimberley has had role models, both professionally and personally, who have impacted her career, but Kimberley also looks to The Winnipeg Chamber as instrumental in her growth. As an active and proud member of The Chamber, Kimberley is privileged to connect with local business owners and expand her professional network through meetings and events.

“The Chamber has opened doors to invaluable resources and expert-led training opportunities. However, the most significant benefit has been the opportunity to build relationships with brilliant leaders,” said Kimberley.

Image provided by Kimberley Kiemeney

“I’m excited about the future at The Chamber, with fresh connections, advanced training, volunteering prospects, and the opportunity to contribute to positive changes while growing HSE business with the Chamber’s steadfast support.”

To those on the fence about joining The Chamber, Kimberley says it’s a no-brainer.

“Joining The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce is a strategic move that can boost your sales, enhance your local business’s reputation, and increase your visibility in the community.”

“It’s your gateway to connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, expanding your professional network, reinforcing your workforce, and accessing valuable training opportunities. Don’t let this chance pass you by—seize the opportunity to elevate your business and advance your career to new heights!”

At the end of the day, it’s all about your business. You want to see your business succeed and grow and that’s why we’re here.

Providing a platform for 150 years to help local business in Winnipeg thrive is what we stand for – whether it’s advocating for you, connecting you with the right people at the right time or setting you up with the support and programs you need to grow.

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