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12th Annual Spirit of Winnipeg Winners

June 23, 2021

What a night! Our first ever virtual Spirit of Winnipeg Awards! Huge thank you to all our sponsors, supporters, finalists and attendees for making it such a fun filled night!

Here are our nine amazing winners for each category:

1. Rising Star (also known as start-up)

About GoodLocal: Seeing the desperate need, Ibrahim “Obby” Khan and Ali Esmail created GoodLocal– a multi vendor online platform designed with “supporting local” built into its code.  Think Amazon meets Etsy but 100% local and with door-to-door delivery.

2. Technology Award

About First Rank: First Rank is more than Search Engine Optimization consultants, they provide a full suite of gap analysis, content creation, site speed improvements, outreach to digital media and news outlets, and online reputation management.

3. Environment and Energy Award

About Beeproject Apiaries: Beeproject Apiaries is a sustainable beekeeping company that’s part of a movement to help bees thrive in urban centres where people increasingly live. Installing and maintaining beehives on rooftops and backyards across Winnipeg, they’re not only increasing the honeybee populations that support our gardens and trees – they’re helping people change their gardening and lawn care practices to reduce harm to our ecosystem.

4. Workplace Culture Award

About Brandish: When you fuse business strategy and brand strategy for a living, you quickly realize the greatest value an organization has are its people. Brandish started from that insight in designing its corporate structure, breaking and restructuring almost every standard agency practice to create a workplace where merit is celebrated over safety, where value isn’t associated with hierarchy.

5. Non-profit and Social Enterprise Award

About Rossbrook House: Rossbrook House is a neighbourhood drop-centre by the corner of Ross and Sherbrooke and was the dream and creation of the young people Sister Gerry met around her inner-city home – the youth who craved belonging as much as food and shelter from Winnipeg’s tough streets.

6. Design and Building Award

About Qaumajuq: Qaumajuq is an innovative new museum, home of the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world. This first-of-its-kind centre connects to the Winnipeg Art Gallery on all levels, creating a 185,000-square-foot cultural campus in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. It is bright, it is lit.

7. Trade Award

About EcoPoxy: EcoPoxy is a low odour, bio-based, toxin-free resin. Created in 2009 by a team from the Oak Bluff Hutterite colony outside Morris, Manitoba, EcoPoxy allows industrial woodworkers, home-based artists, and everyone in between to turn former waste wood into stunning furniture, artworks, jewelry and countless other goods.

8. #ReimagineWPG Award

About Little Bluestem Landscape Architecture: Little Bluestem connects people to their environment by creating holistic landscape architectural designs for community spaces. From trails, streetscapes, parks, playgrounds, to comprehensive community placemaking and engagement, LBLA incorporates environmental sustainability into all their projects.

9. Spirit of Winnipeg Award

About Payworks: “Doing right by people” is the guiding purpose that drives Payworks, a payroll services company with workforce management solutions. Co-founded in Winnipeg by Barb Gamey, John Lowewn and Dave Johnston, Payworks is a leader when it comes to community and employee initiatives. Their philosophy is simple – take care of each other, their customers, and their communities in a sustainable way.


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