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Nuggets from Community Leaders

October 25, 2023

4 minute read
Post Contributed by Mercy Oluwafemi,
Program Officer, The Winnipeg Foundation
Leadership Winnipeg Class of 2023-2024

Join me on a journey as we delve into the second month of the 2023-2024 Leadership Winnipeg cohort, where the day commenced with a warm welcome from The Honourable Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, Anita Neville. She emphasized what we had already come to realize in our initial class – the enduring impact that this course would have on future generations.

This served as a poignant moment for reflection on how the leadership skills we are acquiring in this course will affect not only us, but our children, colleagues, and the broader community, and as the day wore on, the ripple effect of our development became increasingly evident.

As we contemplated these notions, Joy Loewen, the CEO of the National Screen Institute, took the stage to share her own leadership journey, breaking it down into four distinct stages. Each stage was marked by elements of risk-taking, resilience, overcoming doubts and fears, and nurturing the capacity to dream.

Joy challenged us to make our stories a daily narrative and, as community leaders, to continually ask ourselves, “What tracks can I lay to pave the way for others?” She urged us to embrace the paradox of courage and fear, to be brave and afraid at the same time, to lead with courage, and to bring the dream of our community to life.

With the resonating words of The Honourable Anita Neville and Joy Loewen still fresh in our minds, we engaged in meaningful café conversations with a diverse array of community leaders.

Here are some key takeaways from these interactions:

  • Matt Erhard stressed the value of leveraging the networks and connections within the room
  • Harry Brotchie emphasized the significance of securing the right support and forming meaningful partnerships.
  • Kat Fox shared insights on moving through imposter syndrome and the importance of leading from the heart.
  • Tom Byrk highlighted the importance of mentorship- both formal and informal- in our leadership journeys.

The inspirational day ended with each team selecting their projects for the upcoming year. As we left, our minds were brimming with the nuggets of wisdom imparted by these community leaders.

After two full days of the program, hearing from alumni, and getting to witness the beginning of the program, I can see that Leadership Winnipeg is more than just another leadership course, it’s a life- changing experience that molds individuals into impactful leaders. I can’t wait for the path ahead!


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