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Empathetic Dynamics in Leadership

November 1, 2023

4 minute read
Post Contributed by André Robert
System and Security Technician, The Winnipeg Foundation
Leadership Winnipeg Class of 2023-2024

Enter today’s Leadership Winnipeg program on a brisk October morning; together we gather at Government House with a welcome by The Honourable Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, Anita Neville. A reaffirmation of the impact of the program was shared with us, furthering our anticipation for the coming days together. Between our first session and the second, it’s exciting to imagine the scope of importance this program holds for us.

The lessons learned are plentiful, and the experiences shared among us border on legendary. What makes this program so unique, in addition to a multitude of other reasons, is that it includes guidance from multiple perspectives. By combining these lessons and experiences with a strong dose of practical guidance, this program offers an invaluable opportunity for growth.

Loren Remillard, President & CEO of The Chamber, was engaging as a speaker and I found myself captivated in our breakout room. There were illuminating conversations regarding qualifications and impostor syndrome which led to a moment of reflection. The advice and lessons shared as a result of these conversations will be held near and dear for many days to come.

The lessons and advice shared focused a lot on empathy – the true value of human emotion. Part of this revolves around truly showing appreciation to your network and presenting your honest self to those around you. Appreciation can manifest itself in many different ways. Showing gratitude, offering support, and being open and honest are all examples of ways to show your appreciation. Taking the time to build relationships and showing genuine interest in others is also key. Finally, taking the time to check in and stay in touch are also important gestures of appreciation. One example was a discussion around the value of transparency to stakeholders in awareness of current activities. I’m inclined to agree – open and frequent communication certainly carries with it a sense of strong leadership.

In our breakout rooms, there were a number of truly eye-opening conversations and moments I will truly never forget. In our discussion with Tom Bryk, we discussed the importance of empathy, involvement, and awareness of group dynamics. The importance of being able to express vulnerability and ask for help as needed was highlighted. Tom closed our time together with words that spoke to striving for more. These words were, “If we are doing good, why can’t we be doing great?”

In our following session, sentiments were echoed around how dynamics in leadership are fundamental. Businesses thrive with good people at every level and corner. We discussed the benefits of promoting from within and how this is a tangible recognition of efforts and of time invested. This same session also detailed the surprising benefits of pushing yourself to network and build friendships. It is possible to create a world full of possibilities through the effort and investment you make in networking.

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