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October 30, 2023


Whether you’re new member or a current member just wanting a refresher on the offerings of The Chamber, read our FAQ to find helpful links on your most asked questions.


Q. What is The Chamber’s role in the community?

  • As the largest business association in Manitoba, we are a gathering place for business. We connect business, non-profit and governments, ignite innovation and visionary thoughts, and help build a thriving Winnipeg through our main pillars: lead, connect and grow. 

Q. What is the role of The Chamber in policy and advocacy, and how can I engage in these efforts?

  • We provide a platform to support local businesses and keep government accountable. Backed by real-time data and fueled by real-life business experiences, we continue to develop and implement innovative policy and advocacy activities that will increase thought leadership and impact advocacy. Contact our Director of Policy & Engagement, Kerry Harris to find ways you can get involved or visit our Policy & Advocacy page for more details.

Q. What is the role of The Chamber in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how can I engage? 

  • We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Which is why we launched CODE. CODE stands for Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity and Equity. Initiated and run by The Chamber, CODE is a community movement dedicated to creating inclusive and welcoming workplaces. CODE supports you and your team’s DEI journey (wherever you are!) through peer-learning groups, workshops and conferences, human resource support, and quality curated DEI tools and templates. Learn more about getting involved with CODE here.

Q. How can I get involved as a volunteer?

  • Enhance your profile and relationships by volunteering with us. Our Chamber Ambassador program offers opportunities for members to connect and build relationships within The Chamber business community. Become an Ambassador.

Q. Can my business sponsor Chamber events or programs?

  • Yes. Stand out as a leader by sponsoring Chamber events or programs. Being a sponsor, not only positions your business infront of your target audience, but we provide you with a custom sponsorship package to align with your business goals. Become a sponsor.


Q. What are the key events I should attend? 

  • Looking for– networking and hearing from industry leaders across Canada? Register for Membership Luncheons
  • Looking for– hands on experience for your small business? Register for Small Business Forums
  • Looking for– ways to enhance your DEI efforts in your business? Register for the CODE Conference

Find all events and more details here.

Q. How do I stay informed about upcoming events and networking opportunities?

Q. How can I connect with other Chamber members?

  • Attend our events as they provide opportunities to collaborate, share insights, and build meaningful connections within our business community. Looking for something specific? Check out our online business directory.


Q. What resources and programs does The Chamber provide to grow my business?

Q. Can The Chamber help me promote my business?

Q. Tell me more about the cost-saving programs available to Chamber members.

  • Take advantage of our affinity partners to save on key business services such as merchant services, payroll, group insurance, office supplies, travel, and more. Find all cost-savings programs here.


Download our Membership Booklet to learn more.

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