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6 HR Tips for your Business

September 6, 2021

3-minute read

Many business owners know that they need to work on specific aspects of their business to make their business more efficient, profitable and sustainable, and not just in it.

Our Small Business Forum keynote, Dawn Haus, Vice President, Human Resources of Truth North Sports and Entertainment and Ken Teramura, Founder and CEO, Be Positive share 6 HR tips for you and your business!

3 Tips from Dawn Haus

  1. Hire people who are smarter than you are. 
    Recognize your own gaps or weaknesses and then hire people to fill those gaps. It may seem threatening but allowing yourself to be vulnerable and round out the collective knowledge of your team will help everyone succeed.
  2. Don’t just hire for fit – hire fit AND cultural contribution.
    If you hire for fit, the result is a group of people who are the same – reframe to hire people who not only fit but also complement your culture to bring new ideas and new ways of thinking.
  3. Listening – be intentional about effective listening
    Make efforts to not just listen to respond but listen to truly understand is a fundamental skill to be an effective leader. If you think you’re a good listener already still make efforts to improve you listening – it’s a skill even the best listeners can get better at. When we listen well, we’re better able to engage more deeply with team members and help advance their thinking and tap into the wisdom of others.

3 Tips from Ken Teramura

  1. Review your staff’s performance on a regular basis.
    Your staff need to know that they’re part of the bigger picture and if you don’t have regular performance reviews how do you check-in and let them know that? You get more buy-in that way. 
  2. Clearly define your employee’s roles.
    People are always looking for clarity. They need to understand what their role is, if there is an opportunity for growth and how you see their role evolving over time– especially when there are other opportunities.
  3. Prove to your team they are the most important asset of your business.
    If you say that your staff are most important assets of your business, how do you prove it? The most powerful words you can say to your team is thank you. Be clear with your staff and acknowledge their strengths and their importance within your organization.

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