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Giving 150

Celebrate The Chamber by highlighting our city’s generosity

A Winnipeg of generosity and giving spirit

At our Membership Luncheon on April 20, our Board Chair, Mark Jones, announced an initiative he brought forward this year to celebrate The Chamber’s 150th birthday.

When The Chamber marked 150 years on March 8, we thought, what better way to celebrate our community than by highlighting its generosity and giving spirit that defines Winnipeggers.

What does it mean to Give 150:

We want to encourage you, our members, to give back to a community that has given so much to us all and donate 150.

Giving 150 is as simple as it sounds. We encourage our members to give 150 throughout the year. Whether that’s giving 150 minutes of service, 150 hours, 150 dollars, 150 meals, or 150 pairs of socks, we challenge YOU to give your 150 to the cause that moves you.

Where to Give:

At the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, we always like to find new, innovative ways to support our members, big and small. And this campaign is no different.

If you are stuck for ideas, look at this list to support some non-profit Chamber members.

These are just a portion of the non-profits that are a part of The Chamber and a snippet of the amazing non-profits in our city that you can support.

For a complete list of all our non-profit Chamber members, click here.

So, Winnipeg, WE challenge YOU to mark the occasion of 150 as The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce by giving 150.

Post some pictures online, tag The Winnipeg Chamber, and have fun giving your 150 to a cause that inspires you. It’s a perfect way to celebrate our Chamber, our city and our spirit of generosity.

“While we mark the occasion of our 150, I wanted to not only celebrate but also highlight the generosity and giving spirit that helps define Winnipeggers and include ways in our celebration to continue to give back to our community.” – Mark Jones, Board Chair of The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

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