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Yoga For Love

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
– Friday, May 7, 2021
Online via Zoom!
1:00 pm

n many relationships we experience moments of true love, but why do they seem to come and go? What if you could maintain this quality always? This session includes simple, yet powerful tools to manifest a greater experience of love in one’s life.
Regular practice can:
* Help alleviate psychological disturbance, excessive fear, nightmares.
* Balance body and mind.
* Improve weak constitutions.
* Improve ability to relate to surroundings and people.
*am/pm times available
*Spring Special: pay-what-you-like or email us to sign up for free. Suggested, optional investment $15.
Please join us in positive community programs during these challenging times.

Online via Zoom!
Online via Zoom
Pay-what-you-like or email us to sign up for free!
Winnipeg, MB

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