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Anti-Racism 101: Crucial Conversations About Race

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
– Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Live Virtual Event
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Crucial Conversations about Race (Live Virtual Workshop)

Over the past year, racism has been front and centre in the news. Many people are expressing shock and outrage regarding incidents of racism and hate right here in Canada. Canadians are questioning our history of colonialism and racism. People are grappling with terms such as privilege, unconscious bias, micro-aggressions and systemic racism, wondering where to ask their questions and what to say and do. At the same time, while we know that people who experience racism can be traumatized by the inaction of bystanders, most people freeze up when they witness incidents of racism, largely due to a lack of skills. Organizations and individuals are desirous of creating safer communities for all.

This workshop is not a traditional webinar but a live virtual training! These two 3 hour virtual sessions will be highly interactive where participants engage with each other in discussions, case studies and skill development in both small breakout groups as well as in the main classroom. You will be listening to the facilitator and you will communicate with the facilitator and other participants using chat. You will not be seen and only heard if you ask questions via audio rather than chat.

Workshop Objectives will include:

Where did the term Race originate?
Agreements for Creating a Safe Space for Training;
Identifying the Fears in Addressing Race;
Key Terminology;
History of Racism and Colonialism in Canada;
Understanding Social Identity and Unconscious Bias – How to reduce bias in hiring;
The Role of Privilege, Power & Stereotypes;
Micro-Aggressions: How do we knowingly or unknowingly contribute to the experience of racism;
Deconstructing Racism: Systemic, Institutional, Interpersonal, Internalized.
Key take aways include:

Organizational & Individual Action Plan
The Business case for Addressing Racial Inequality
Strategies to correct racial inequities and correct unfair practices within the workplace
Tools to foster inclusive leadership: Educate, Accept, Support, Evaluate
Advancing Along the Allyship Spectrum: Denial, Bystander, Upstander, Inclusive, Champion
How to Interrupt Racism:-Tackling Uncomfortable Conversations & Dispelling Common Myths

Live Virtual Event
Winnipeg, MB

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