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CODE Collaborative

What is the CODE Collaborative?

An advisory body of 32 community leaders, diversity and inclusion practitioners, individuals with lived experience and allied stakeholders, providing strategic oversight and guidance to CODE in designing and delivering CODE information and programming.

Our Co-Chairs

Valerie Williams | University of Manitoba

Kevin Selch | Little Brown Jug

Our Collaborative

  • Seid Oumer Ahmed, Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations (MANSO)
  • Oly Backstrom, SCE Lifeworks Inc.
  • Ken Teramura, BePositive Co
  • Sarah Schwendman, Food and Beverage MB
  • Jaime Chinchilla, Johnston Group
  • Jodene Baker, United Way Winnipeg
  • Pat Lane, Taylor McCaffery
  • Vera Godaveri, Red River College
  • Karen Velthuys, Learning Disabilities Association MB
  • Ramir Diaz, Manitoba Construction Sector Council
  • Izzy Hawamda, We Clean Winnipeg
  • Matt Johnston, Johnston Group Inc
  • Dawn Olivence, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)
  • Jessica Praznik, Manitoba Possible
  • Larry Vickar, Vickar Automotive Group
  • Loren Remillard, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
  • Mahrukh Ali Aziz, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
  • Sanjana Vijayann, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
  • Janet Forbes, Inclusion Winnipeg
  • Carol Thiessen, MB Hydro
  • Dorota Blumczynska, Manitoba Museum
  • Janet Forbes, Inclusion Winnipeg
  • Ron Gauthier, CPHR Manitoba
  • Barry Karlenzig, Pride Winnipeg
  • Margo Powell, Abilities Manitoba
  • Neil Sabourin, Inclusion Diversity Leader, Community Leader, MBA G3 Canada Limited
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