Featured Events

Small Business Marketing Forum

As we gear up for the holiday shopping season, local Winnipeg experts want to share their top trends and best practices for marketing online. Our next Small Business Forum is your opportunity to reimagine how you connect with your clients and close the sales.

The forum will include a series of four mini 10-minute keynote and a virtual marketplace.

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Local Lunch Break

We’ve heard a lot about Employee Engagement over the last 20 years and at times it has become a business buzz word that doesn’t seem to mean much. But Engagement is not a fad and it’s not going away. The research clearly shows that Employee Engagement is a competitive advantage. Employee engagement always matters, but it matters now more than ever given the rapid change and uncertainty many organizations are currently facing.

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Membership Engagement Forum

On December 11, join us for our inaugural virtual Chamber Community Forum, where we invite you to share and draw strength from that shared by other members.

Sessions will be hosted by our Board of Directors and will be YOUR opportunity to share your current struggles and pain points. As a community we will discuss potential solutions and opportunities and in turn, influence the next few months and years of Chamber programming.

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