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Western Business Outlook Conference

Thursday, November 24, 2016
7:30 am – 12:30 pm

In partnership with The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, The Conference Board of Canada’s economists are heading back to Winnipeg on Thursday, November 24th, for the Western Business Outlook 2017: Winnipeg.

Led by the Conference Board of Canada’s senior forecasting team, the Western Business Outlook will provide Manitoba business leaders and policy makers a deep dive into the numbers underpinning the economy, from a global, national, provincial and metropolitan perspective.


  • What will be the impact of near historic low interest rates?
  • Is the Winnipeg real estate market moving into bubble territory and may we see a correction?
  • Where will the loonie land with the global turmoil based on shifting landscape in the European community and the wildcard that is the US election,
  • What will the impact of all these geopolitical shifts be on the province’s export economy or tourism?
  • What does Manitoba’s demographic picture look like and what is coming?

222 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB

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